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WOOLSAFE NEWS WINTER 2011/2012 Marketing

Well, it’s been a hectic 2011, we’ve revamped the website, joined the social media bandwagon, built on our relationships with buying groups, exhibited or attended trade shows on three continents and run our fi rst WoolSafe Educational Conferences in Australia and the UK. However, there’s always more to be done if you want to stay ahead, so 2012 is shaping up to be an even busier year for everyone at WoolSafe.

One of my priorities for the start of 2012 is to encourage as many of our members as possible to join WoolSafe on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

T e whole point of these social media as far as we’re concerned is to increase brand awareness and drive traffi c to your website. Once a potential customer arrives at your website you want them to perform some sort of action like register their details, make a booking, call, download information e.g on carpet care/stain removal (but put in their details fi rst) or buy a product. You can then use the information gathered to target promotions at these interested potential customers.

T e more members who join WoolSafe on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter the more people will become aware of the WoolSafe brand and with the increased links our collective rankings will improve too.


By Steve Bakker, WoolSafe Marketing Manager

Preview of 2012

You Tube is now the second most used search engine (after google) and video testimonials, demonstrations and recommendations are other areas of expertise that WoolSafe and our members need to harness if we are to maintain our online visibility. T ere will be more to come about this in future magazines.

A current project that should bear fruit in 2012 is an idea I got recently to ask all the carpet manufacturers that already recommend WoolSafe products and services to write a letter of endorsement that our members could show to their customers. I feel that this will be of great benefi t when a carpet owner specifi es their carpet and members can show an endorsement from that very manufacturer.

I would like members to gather contact details of carpet retailers in their areas, put them on to the excel spread sheet that I will send out so we all follow the same format and send it back to me. It will then be easy to send out information to these retailers on a regular basis recommending your services and keeping them up to date with developments. SMG have already got the ball rolling by supplying us with the details of all their members and ACG have agreed to do the same.

So don’t believe the doomsayers, 2012 is going to be a great year full of new beginnings and opportunity and I for one am looking forward to the ride!


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