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New Developments in Green Certifi cation WoolSafe reaches agreement with the U.S.

Environmental Protection Agency’s DfE Program

T ere is now an additional way for carpet cleaning products to gain Green WoolSafe accreditation: via the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Design for the Environment (DfE) Program.

T e DfE programme works in partnership with a broad range of stakeholders to reduce potential harm to people and the environment by chemical risk reduction and improvements in energy effi ciency. T ey, like the other two leading green certifi cation bodies, Green Seal and EcoLogo, have very strict standards for products displaying their label.

T e EPA’s DfE Standard for Safer Cleaning Products (SSCP) is regularly revised and updated to refl ect new developments. It also has requirements for cleaning effi cacy and resoiling resistance. Products that have WoolSafe certifi cation are deemed to satisfy this provision, so our licensees only need environmental assessment for their approved products to earn the DfE label. Similarly, any WoolSafe licensee with DfE certifi ed product can now apply for Green WoolSafe for them.

Transpare – transparency in the green market place

T e ISSA recognised that by now there are so many green certifi ed products with so many diff erent environmental claims on the market (in particular

in the US) that the end user fi nds it hard to choose between them. In response to this, a working model of their new initiative, Transpare was unveiled at Interclean 2011 in Las Vegas. Transpare is a web-based platform that provides detailed and comprehensive information about the environmental, health and safety attributes of cleaning products registered in the system. T e aim of Transpare is not to create a new standard or defi nition of “green”, but to provide open and transparent information to prospective purchasers so they can identify the cleaning products with the characteristics matching their organizations’ sustainability goals and objectives.

To enter a product into the database, suppliers must register it trough Transpare’s online portal and provide information in the predefi ned categories. T e data will be verifi ed and harmonised by an independent third party, Ecoform (a leading technical analysis company), and will be available free for end users.

Chemical suppliers wanting to be part of the beta testing of Transpare should contact Bill Balek at


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