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We know our waters! This is not complicated fishing!

We emphasize ACTION, not long days of trolling!

Most fishing is close to shore for even the largest gamefish species and anglers are never out of sight of land.

Waters are generally calm. In fact, the Sea of Cortez can be calmer than most lakes on some days! Imagine big game fishing where waters are so clear or sometimes so shallow you can even see the bottom or actually see huge schools of fish swimming below the boat before exploding on your bait as they rip yards of line from your reel!

Our fleets fish 2 distinct areas.

Our LAS ARENAS FLEET fishes the northern East Cape— southern Cerralvo Island, Roca Montana, the Dome, the 88 spot, Punta Perrico, Las Arenas Lighthouse, Rock Highway, Muertos Bay and others.

Our LA PAZ FLEET heads for Espiritu Santo Island, Bonanza Beach, Punta Lobos, Isolotes, La Reinita and the legendary El Bajo Seamont!

Most of our fishing is done with dead or live bait. We generally don’t use any special lures or rigging. It's THAT simple! Imagine battling the fish of a lifetime, only yards from the beach. This is not complicated fishing—if you can hold a rod, you can fish with us.

Whether you're a salty hard-core angler or new to the experience, this is "stand-up-style" fun fishing. In the hands of our experienced skippers, kids, families, and first-timers can do as well as any seasoned veteran!

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