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“What a great time we had. Yellowtail, Pargo and Dorado in just two days!! If you want to CATCH fish plus meet some of the nicest folks on the planet see Tailhunter.” D. Abernathy—Lynden WA

San Diego 2-hour Flight

La Paz

Groceries and Amenities in La Paz? La Paz is a modern city where you can find pretty much anything from medical and dental facilities to your favorite brand of potato chips or beer. Our city boasts excellent restaurants (Tailhunter Restaurant!) offering the full delicious gamut of culinary enjoyment from Mexican, seafood, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, French and American eateries.

What if I don’t speak Spanish? No problema, amigo. Many folks speak “Span-glish” which is a great mix of Spanish and English. Universal words such as “please,” “thank you” and a smile go a long way.

Can I use U.S. dollars? U.S. currency is welcome and you need not exchange money before coming. Small bills under $20 are best for everyday use and purchases.


How about the paperwork? Since January 2007, travelers between the U.S. and Mexico must have a passport.

Can I drink the water? Bottled water is in abundance everywhere and all major hotels have drinkable tap water and ice.

What about fishing tackle? Our fishing is not complicated. We will send you a list of suggested items or you can rent some of ours. Keep it simple! Really!

Are tourists, kids, and families safe? We are well aware that Mexico’s problems are splashed all over the daily news. There’s no denying the unfortunate situation. But those problems are only in certain cities and mostly in isolated areas. Tourists are not targeted. Baja Mexico has been very isolated from the violence and La Paz, in particular, has been a virtual oasis. Mexico is as large as the U.S. and worrying about violent crime in La Paz is like living in Seattle and worrying about crime in Miami. Here in La Paz we mostly still don’t lock our houses and cars. Statistically, U.S. cities have a higher crime rate than La Paz which is very family oriented. People walk the streets and enjoy the city without fear. Police ride bicycles and smile a lot. So do those of us who live here!

What about my fish? We encourage C.P.R. (“catch, photo, release”), but you’re welcome to take home fish within limits or have some cooked up at any restaurant. It’s great! Bring a small ice chest and zip lock bags and some duct tape. Your captain will happily clean your fish and it will be frozen for you so you can take it home to enjoy. For a small fee, we will trim, label and vacuum seal your fish.

Jonathan Roldan’s Tailhunter International (626) 638-3383 •

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