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Ohtli Spa, CasaMagna Marriott, Puerta Vallarta A Spa Experience

Everything you need to know about Ohtli Spa at CasaMagna Marriott is hinted Huichol

at in its name. “Ohtli” word meaning “journey

is a to

perfection and peace”, an idea that’s embodied in each feature of the resort and spa’s carefully-considered facility. Enter the spa through its handsome main doors, check in at reception, and turn left to take advantage of a full-service salon. Turn right to spend some time in the fitness center, which is

packed with state-of-the-art Life

Fitness equipment and plasma-screen monitors so you never have to choose between exercise and entertainment. For racquet sports enthusiasts, there are two tennis courts, and work crews are putting the finishing touches on a lap pool. Perfection – or something like it – achieved,

you’re ready for peace.

Identical men’s and women’s facilities branch off from the walkway past the reception desk - you need only bring your swim suit and the desire to rejuvenate your mind and body. The healing effects of water are no mystery, and guests of Ohtli will next visit the wet area where they may


use the sauna, shower, foot bath, hot tub, and hot and cold plunge pools. A gracious vanity area with loungers and refreshments is also available. The treatment area is a cluster of 11 cabins around the spa’s signature Janzu pool which is used for hydrotherapies. The water in the Janzu (“quiet river”) is kept at body temperature and is the site for the spa’s signature Rebirth Therapy, a guided session designed to deliver physical and emotional release in a womb-like environment. Specialty

rooms include the Asian

techniques cabin, which features a low massage mat for use in Shiatsu and Thai massage and the Vichy shower room which is perfect for scrubs and wraps. One of Ohtli’s distinctive facilities, the Iyari (“heart”) is a private 280 square foot suite with twin massage beds, dual showers and a Jacuzzi tub, which is used to host couples, or groups such as brides and their wedding party. Ohtli offers the full spectrum of treatments you’ve come to expect at a luxury spa, with several


additions. The Fire Opal Balancing Stone Therapy is Ohtli’s version of a hot stone massage, and like all their


is designed to incorporate

Huichol traditions. Using warm obsidian stones, the therapist transfers positive energy to cleanse the body and spirit, and provides a deep relaxing massage. As important as tradition, indigenous ingredients play a central role in Ohtli’s vision, with the Agave and Sea Salt Scrub exemplifying the spa’s commitment to local sources. The namesake agave is harvested from an orchard on site at CasaMagna. For those with an interest in premium beauty and spa products, check out the Ohtli Spa Boutique to see just what can be made with local resources like hibiscus, coconut, pineapple, and tamarind.


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