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Using Spa Management Software to Enhance Profitability

The spa industry, like all sectors,

is continually business monitoring

performance to ensure they are meeting revenue and profit targets. The software addressing the market has matured, with some developers providing leading- edge solutions that provide significant benefits - from how the spa’s services are

marketed, to how staff software advances and

transactions are tracked. Some of the more recent


involve significant reduction in up-front investment through adoption of cloud- based computing.

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A significant benefit of maintaining historical data within the system is the ability to use statistics to maximize yield per customer and hence, maximize spa revenues. Most spa directors will

recognize that the demand for

treatments greatly exceeds the supply during certain parts of the week, or even certain parts of the day. Using historical transaction data the manager can recognize when demand is strong, when it weak.

is moderate and when it is

Improved Customer Relationship Management A useful spa management system will allow you to improve the frequency and quality

of customer Use contact by

automating and personalizing customer communications.

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birth, graduation or job promotion. Each of these events provide an opportunity to promote the spa’s services and products at a meaningful time to the client. The

spa can

confirmations appointments,

also for which send provides

automatic upcoming yet

another opportunity to highlight products and services in a message the client is more likely to open. These event-based, outbound messages are seen as being less intrusive since they are based on recent interactions. Consider

enhancing your

Reducing the Cost of Technology Historically,

spas implementing

management software required an up- front purchase of hardware, software and training, to the tune of US$ 30,000 to US$ 50,000. This would be for each spa, a very pricy option for both startups and multi-property organizations. Economic factors have been pushing spas

and small client-server businesses model. or toward

cloud computing, an alternative to the costly


relationships further though the use of social media. Gartner Research addresses the growth in the use of social media to enhance customer service, forecasting that 30 percent of leading companies will increase use of this tactic by 2013.

Therapist Productivity Employee productivity can be positively affected

by integrated the installation Spa Management of an System.

By electronically integrating the booking agenda with client profiles and sales data, spa managers can receive daily and monthly statistical

reports at the

press of a button. Analyzing

Therapist Productivity

benefits often overlooked by spa managers. A high therapist productivity level

typically indicates there is not

sufficient availability and guests are being turned away. On the other hand, Therapist Productivity below 70% indicates over-staffing and can have a significant financial impact if therapists also receive hourly compensation.

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terms cloud computing is the use of software,

offered by web-based service providers. By eliminating the need for servers, locally hosted software and extensive training, a site can realize a significant cost-savings. After a decade or more of various spa software options,

the industry has

matured and now provides a very robust and reliable set of tools to make a spa more profitable.

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