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We must get our eyes off of information transfer and back on life transformation.

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then we will never reproduce churches, and if we do not reproduce churches, we will never see church multiplication movements. Second, we must go even a step

further from relational to experiential. Tat means cultivating authentic relationships where the people around us see that we do not just talk about the love of Christ, they experience the love of Christ through us. Several years ago in a Wendy’s commercial, an older lady declared, “Where’s the beef?” Today the lost are asking us “Where’s the Love?” We must be looking for authentic ways to show people that we care for them the same way Jesus cares about us. We must mobilize the memberships of our churches to live missionally and incarnationally. Tird, we must move from the

macro to the micro. Some seem to believe that discipleship can take place at a corporate level and then will just naturally trickle down. Effective discipleship takes place on an individual basis. Recently I heard Neil Cole say, “It doesn’t cost a dime to make a disciple; it only costs your life” and “Te power of movement is in every follower.” When our starting point is at the macro level, we will not see multiplication. “Reproduction starts at the micro level. Discipleship does not begin with


conversion. It begins before (Matthew 4:19). If disciple-making doesn’t start with the lost, you are starting in the wrong place.” —Dave DeVries. Fourth, we must move from

recruiting to developing people out of the harvest. A recent report said that 50 small churches a week close their doors while mega-churches are thriving. It makes you wonder if they are seeing people join through conversion, or is the Christian deck just being reshuffled? Only one percent of all churches in the United States are growing because of conversions. Are we always looking to recruit others because it is easier when they have already been developed by someone, instead of us developing them? Fiſth, we must move from leadership

because of position to leadership through disciple-making. Dr. Bob Logan said, “You cannot reproduce what you are not doing” and “Money is not our limiting factor, leadership is.” We must all take the responsibility to multiply disciples. How did Jesus make disciples? We must get our eyes off of information transfer and back on life transformation. Two questions need to be asked here: Do you care about lost people and do you care about what Jesus cares about? We, as leaders, must model what we want our people to do. n

theGLEANER n January/February 2012


1. Imposing extra-biblical requirements for being a church

2. Loss of valued cultural identity

3. overcoming bad examples of Christianity

4. Nonreproducible church models

5. Subsidies creating dependency

6. Extra-biblical leadership requirements

7. Linear, sequential thought and practice

8. Planting frog rather than lizard churches

9. Prescriptive strategies From Church Planting Movements–David Garrison


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