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G.R.P.D. (Grand Rapids Pizza and Delivery) 340 State St. SE. 616-454-9204 ITALIAN. The current Grand Rapids location was opened in 2004, and it was the first established pizzeria in the Heritage Hill district. The location serves as a common meeting area for local folks, business professionals and college students, a place where one could gather for a quick meal or a reflective lunch. It offers both hand-tossed pizza and Chicago-style stuffed pizza, as well as pasta, sandwiches, salads, and chicken wings. It also offers online ordering.

» SERVING: Lunch Dinner OPEN ON: Open 7 days. GO THERE FOR: Pizza.

Grand Woods Lounge 77 Grandville Ave SW. 616-451-4300 AMERICAN. The restaurant’s interior exudes a warm, casual ambiance reminiscent of the great eateries of the Pacific Northwest; the outdoor porch features two outdoor bars and a fireplace. Menu stocked with affordable appetizers great for sharing, plus salads, sandwiches, and entrées. Lots of domestics and microbrews, plus an array of martinis including the “Woodstini,” a tasty mix of Stoli Orange Vodka, mandarin oranges and raspberries.

ON: Open 7 days. GO THERE FOR: Cocktails. » SERVING: Lunch Dinner OPEN

Graydon’s Crossing 1223 Plainfield NE. 616-726-8260 TAVERN. An authentic take on the English Pub, with a huge selection of beers on tap and a menu that includes classic English dishes like Fish & Chips, Shepherd’s Pie and Irish Stew, as well as Indian specialties like Tandoori Chicken and Tikka Masala. A great casual atmosphere for drinking and dining.

Lunch Dinner OPEN ON: Open 7 days. GO THERE FOR: Beer and authentic pub food.


certified building and management’s commitment to leaving behind a small carbon footprint. » SERVING: Lunch

The Green Well 924 Cherry SE. 616-808-3566 ECLECTIC. REVUE’s “Hanging out…” columnist Steven de Polo writes, “Green Well Gastro Pub is the best restaurant in Grand Rapids.” The East Hills gastro-pub serves up an ever-changing menu featuring local ingredients, and its beverage offerings include a wide array of local craft brews and wines. The green refers also to the LEED©

Dinner OPEN ON: Open 7 days. GO THERE FOR: Baked local goat cheese, Michigan maple whiskey chicken over risotto.

» SERVING: Lunch Dinner OPEN ON: Open 7 days. GO THERE FOR: Widest variety of beers, crack fries.

HopCat 25 Ionia SW. 616-451-4677 TAVERN. Rated the 3rd best beer bar on the planet by Beer Advcoate, HopCat’s spin on its food is thus: “It’s the food your Mom would feed you, if your Mom loved beer.” That’s specifically true for HopCat’s beerbar cheese, cheese ale soup and porter braised beef, but mom would also love the Hippie wrap (it’s vegetarian), the crack fries (they’re not real crack), and the Killer Mac and Cheese. Because what mom doesn’t like mac and cheese?

salads, seafood and starters. This fine dining restaurant also has a variety of drinks and desserts to choose from and valet parking.

ON: Closed Sundays. GO THERE FOR: A good steak. » SERVING: Lunch and Dinner. OPEN

Lumber Baron Bar 187 Monroe Ave. NW. (616) 774-2000 LOUNGE. Settle into the warmth and charm of this historic bar – complete with a fireplace, leather club chairs and a large selection of premium drinks and appetizers.

» SERVING: Dinner OPEN ON: Closed Sundays and Mondays GO THERE FOR: Scotch or Brandy after a

Symphony concert.

Mixology 235 Louis St. NW. 616-242-1448 LOUNGE. Casual, upscale service and atmosphere allows guests to relax and enjoy the city views. This type of service allows guests to complete business tasks while still enjoying the accessibility to great food and libations.

» SERVING: Lunch Dinner OPEN ON: Open 7 days GO THERE FOR: Specialty cocktails.

The Muze 925 4 Mile Rd. NW. (616) 608-4506. AMERICAN. Warm and contemporary ambiance with natural wood and metals. Five levels, plus a large outside deck. Come on Wednesdays for two-for-one wet burritos – one of the best in town.

» SERVING: Lunch Dinner OPEN ON: Closed Sundays GO THERE FOR: Smoked pulled pork and ribs.

Olive’s Restaurant 2162 Wealthy St. SE. 616-451-8611 ECLECTIC. The Gaslight Village restaurant is a mainstay for Easties looking to have a cocktail and casual dinner. The menu is surprisingly broad, with innovative starters (e.g., Napoli fritters, Paella cakes) and diverse entrées like Southern meatloaf, braised short ribs and mobu tofu.

Open 7 days. GO THERE FOR: A broad selection. » SERVING: Lunch Dinner OPEN ON:

Red Jet Cafe 1431 Plainfield Ave. NE. 616-719-5500 ECLECTIC. The funky restaurant in Creston’s old library is the kind of place you’d find in Chicago’s hip neighborhoods, offering non-sequitur menu items that somehow seem to work. Seriously, how many other places in town can you find that serve high-end organic coffees, crepes, wood-fired pizzas and artisan baked goods. Is it a bistro? Is it a coffeehouse? Does it matter?

SERVING: Breakfast Lunch Dinner OPEN ON: Open 7 days. GO THERE FOR: Crepes.


J Bar 20 Monroe NW. 616-356-2000 STEAKS. Oft-awarded as Grand Rapid’s top steakhouse, featuring grass-fed beef selection plus an ample selection of seafood, chops and house specialties. Extensive wine cellar and tastefully upscale ambiance that’s comfortable rather than stuffy.

SERVING: Dinner OPEN ON: Closed on Sunday. GO THERE FOR: Choice-cut prime rib, 10-oz. Baseball Filet, 14-oz. Top Sirloin.


Louis Benton Steak House 35 Ionia Ave NW. (616)-45-GRILL STEAK. GR’s premier steak house offers a variety of steaks, along with soups,


Rockwell-Republic 45 S. Division Ave. 616-551-3563 ECLECTIC. Menu offerings range from sushi to burgers and everything in between, Rockwell-Republic has something for everyone. The cocktail menu runs the gamut from classics like the Manhattan to more modern variations and the beer and wine menus are nothing to sneeze at either.

Lunch Dinner OPEN ON: Open 7 days. GO THERE FOR: Specialty cocktails, broad menu, lively atmosphere.


Rose’s On Reeds Lake 550 Lakeside Dr. SE. 616-458-1122 ECLECTIC. The East Grand Rapids landmark is one of those places that has a different feel in each season. In the summertime, it’s a great spot to hang on the decks and have cocktails and light appe-

CHERIE INN The Cherie Inn has been serving breakfast longer than any other establishment in Grand Rapids, filling seats and stomachs since 1924. It is impossible to track down the wide array of daily pancake specialties, two of which include a car- rot cake pancake of almonds with cream cheese and a coconut buttermilk pancake graced with a mango and raspberry chutney. Light, fluffy and buttery, the menu features several classic stand- bys, of which the Raspberry White Chocolate Chip needs no explanation. 969 Cherry St. SE, Grand Rapids;, (616) 458-0588

deBOER’S DUTCH BROTHERS Fourth generation baker Jakob deBoer and his sons run this highly esteemed bakery in Holland. One can easily become caught up in the bakery, yet the restaurant features some non-baked breakfasts that can go overlooked in the shadow of a Bavarian Crème coffee cake. The Crab Cakes Benedict kicks up the normal, two-poached egg dish with jumbo lump crab cakes and homemade hollandaise, with the bakery’s own English muffin bread and Dutch potatoes. You’ll be busy bounc- ing between the restaurant and bakery that you may never see the cereal aisle again. 360 Douglas Ave., Holland;, (616) 396-2253

MORNINGSTAR CAFÉ The Chorizo Hash features Morningstar’s own spicy house-made chorizo sausage with diced green peppers and onions, roasted red peppers

and green chiles. Topped with sour cream with a tasty mix of cilantro, it may be hard to see the potatoes beneath it all — especially when it is topped off with two sunny-sided eggs. Served with a warm tortilla. 711 Washington Ave., Grand Haven;, (616) 844-1131

WOLFGANGS When it comes to service, Wolfgang’s refills cof- fee before it’s remotely close to empty and the breakfast portions are large enough to appease the feistiest of gluttons. One ultimate morning meal that may require a nap is the Missad. Several scrambled eggs with pieces of grilled chicken breast, Cajun sausage and turkey are offset with mushrooms, onions and green pep- pers, perched atop a hefty slice of English muffin toast, topped with cheddar cheese and a thick hollandaise. 1530 Wealthy St. SE, Grand Rapids; (616) 454-5776,

FULL CITY CAFÉ Full City Café has been making a name for itself over the years as a great breakfast destination, with farm fresh fare. For something adventurous, try the Salmon Hash. A gourmet breakfast made fresh from scratch with onion, fresh peppers, capers and salmon with scallions, topped with a melted layer of parmesan cheese. Two eggs and your choice of toast, scone, muffin, or biscuit — all freshly baked — accompany this plate. 7878 Oakland Dr., Portage;, (269) 492-7515 —Matt Simpson Siegel

Breakfast at Wolfgang’s

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