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Fitness Classes Description

Ab Blaster A great workout to kick your abs back into shape.

Adult Dance Mat

A session using our ZigZag dance mats to create an effective and fun workout to chart topping music.

Aerobics / Aerobic Mix / Aerobics & Tone

Excellent for burning fat and improving cardiovascular fi tness by combining music with a choreographed routine.

Aqua Fit

A water based class for over 16’s and all abilities, the water provides resistance to help improve levels of fi tness and tone muscles.

Older Aqua Fit

A fun water based aerobics class that’s easy on the joints. Tailor made for the active senior to help keep you in shape.


A high energy boxing cardio class, working in a group for the perfect boxing workout.

Cardio Kick

An energetic exercise program designed to burn calories, increase your fi tness and have fun.


A whole body workout using interval training, workout station and some serious motivation from your instructor!

Cardio Blast

A combination of explosive aerobic moves and training phases, burning vast amounts of calories.


Climb until your heart’s content using the auto belay system.

Climb-Cardio A great alternative form of exercise on our 30ft climbing wall! Get ready to use your arms like never before.


Use the climbing wall timers for an intense climbing session using time trails.

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