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Beverly Levy and Richard Carter

detailed personal assessment at the end of the course.

The course includes individual tuition and practice plus over 70 group events: classes on technique, interpretation, improvisation, accompaniment and keyboard skills, plus student concerts, visits and daily services.

The teaching team, directed by Anne Marsden Thomas, is from St. Giles International Organ School. The course is a great way to improve one's organ playing, and to make and cement personal friendships. In fact the current organ scholar at St. Giles Cripplegate met her husband on one of the summer courses. To apply please visit or email

Other St Giles Events Susie Hamilton -

A new heaven and a new earth

aintings based on Shakespeare's 'The Tempest' for St Giles' commemorations of the 400th anniversaries of 'The Tempest' and the King James Bible - 17 June - 15 September, Monday - Friday 11 am - 4 pm. Private View Thursday 16 June 6 - 8 pm


The Tempest, Jericho House 21 Sep – 22 Oct - 7.45pm (7.15pm on 23 Sep) - 105 mins/no interval Tickets £20



Muse: More than just music

B 36

everly Levy - Illustrator, Graphic Designer and Barbican resident - often staffs Muse, the independently owned music and gift shop in the Barbican Centre foyer. Merchandise reflects the Barbican’s enormously varied arts program and gifts cater to a diverse audience. Richard Carter, Manager, and business partner Tony Hall set up Muse five years ago and Richard and Beverly run the shop in a friendly and knowledgeable way, working closely with the Barbican Centre events organizers.

There is a wide choice of classical, world music and jazz CDs, with

Barbican Centre performers naturally well represented. You can also find unusual recordings, limited edition runs and special offers, CDs can be specially ordered too. Books stocked cover theatre, film, art, mini classics and children’s titles. Author signings and play scripts reflect Barbican events.

Artist-in-residence, Anthony

Pearce sells limited edition “Nature of the Barbican” prints and Barbican t- towels, t-shirts and cloth bags. The choice of greetings cards is all- embracing – photographic, fine art, vintage, kids, London and music themed. Beverly also sells her own Love Bessie, Lolita Nolita range, illustrated cards which include an eco-friendly craft activity on the back, they are suitable for all ages and great for children. Reasonably priced DVDs are sold, including art house and old classics. There are other gifts for sale too, often with a Barbican or London theme – mugs, fridge magnets, card games, block puzzles, notebooks (including Moleskins for a good price). The Pomegranate wrapping paper range has some appealingly colourful rolls like the green, gold and brown Artic Inuit design.

The shop is open daily from mid- day and closing time depends on Barbican programming. Muse is also interested to hear from any designers and artists for possible partnerships. Barbican Association members get 10% discount on many items

Making a move? T

otal Removals is a London- based family removal and storage business. They have been working regularly in the Barbican for over twelve years now. As demand for their services is increasing here they have decided to become a regular advertiser in the Barbican Life magazine and also participate in the

Barbican Association discount scheme, offering 10% discount for Barbican Residents. They can move you just about anywhere in the UK and also provide storage for your possessions, simply give them a call on 0208 367 8348 or visit their web site at

Beer shampoo anyone? B

EER CAN CLEAR HEAD – OFFICIAL - No longer must too much beer lead to a chap

experiencing a sore head in the morning. Top London salon Bar Hair is pleased to unveil the latest – and almost certainly tastiest hair treatment for the discerning gentleman about town:- real ale. Why beer? You shouldn’t really need to ask. But since you have, there are three main ways this ancient tipple promotes healthy, beautiful-looking hair: 1. It is rich in biotin, a b-vitamin compound that can reducethe chance of hair loss and combat skin disorders like dermatitis

2. The carbon dioxide strengthens the hair and, because beer has a low pH level, tightly closes the cuticle of the hair, giving it a rich, glossy appearance 3. Naturally-occurring astringents in the hops gently tighten the scalp, helping to prevent an oily scalp. Neither does the treatment leave you smelling as if you’ve slept on the barmaid’s apron. Once completed, it is entirely scentless. All you are left with is hair that looks and feels great – no beer goggles required. To experience this revolutionary treatment, or foir further information, call the number below to book your own baptism in beer at Bar 44-46 St. John Street, Clerkenwell, London EC1M 4DFCall: 020 7253 9999.

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