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Vino & Vino

Paul’s Cathedral then Yo! Sushi in St Paul’s Churchyard is the place for you. It is simply and tastefully decorated in a clean, crisp retro-diner style. A circular conveyor belt delivers fresh sushi, salads and sweet rice desserts instantly to diners seated at tables perpendicular to the belt or the counter area around the outer edge while chefs prepare these dishes freshly in the middle space. Hot made to order dishes are cooked in a separate kitchen. The portions are small tapas-style serves so you choose a selection of different dishes and the price of the plates are colour coded.

also help them attract clientele. There is no through traffic outside their door and in leafy West Smithfield the added value to the enoteca of having alfresco opportunities could be considerable. The wine selection is at the forefront of

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Vino & Vino is indeed very modern in design. Glass frontage, small marble topped tables and a marble-topped bar. One wall is completely filled with a massive wine rack containing the wines on offer. Nice airy open atmosphere. The owner/manager is Italian, the chef Polish and marketing lady French! Vino & Vino hopes to receive a street licence within the next couple of months so they can have some tables outside, which should

Yo! Sushi St. Paul’s

what Vin & Vino has to offer. There are around 60 wines on offer from all across Italy – plus two French champagnes. Prices at the bar range from £16 a bottle up to a massive £217 for a Sassicala or £210 for a Barbaresco – but these are exceptions. The vast majority are in the £20-£30 range. If you like a wine you’ve sampled at the bar/restaurant and you want to buy a bottle or two, the ‘shop’ prices are £7 less than the restaurant prices so it is easy to work out what is available and at what cost to take away. Vino & Vino is at 26 West Smithfield and is open Mondays to Fridays from 11.00 am to 10.00 pm. It offers free Italian tapas with purchased glasses of wine from 5pm. And for Barbican Association members is allowing 10% off food on presentation of a BA membership card.

Yo! Sushi St. Pauls If you enjoy fast and fresh sushi, soups, tempura and katsu or rice and noodle dishes along with a fantastic view of Queen Anne’s statue and the front of St

On a Thursday evening at 6.30pm diners are young City workers in groups of twos and threes. The atmosphere is calm and relaxed and service is welcoming, pleasant, efficient and friendly. For our supper we had a mixture of hot and cold dishes: Pumpkin in the katsu selection (£5.00) was smooth and nutty and the breaded prawn and chicken was light and not greasy. Salmon nigiri (£2.90) had soft, sticky warm rice with melt-in-the-mouth Scottish salmon. Grilled chicken teriyake (£3.40) was tender with a lovely sweet soy-based sauce. Miso soup (£2.00) was light and refreshing. Chicken yakisoba (£2.90) - pan-fried noodles with veggies and chicken - was also light and not greasy with a nice spicy tangy sauce. Marinated kaiso seaweed with edamame and carrots (£2.30) is a tasty detoxifying salad. The sticky rice mochii desert was so soft and light with a not-too-sweet soy jam filling that it was a joy to eat. There is a good balance of hot and cold dishes, giving plenty to choose from for meat eaters and vegetarians. Tables are fitted with fizzy and still water dispensers and there is also a selection of beers and wines.

The restaurant is open seven days a week for both lunch and supper (one of the only eateries in our locality open for Sunday supper). There are various special offers available such as Blue Monday where the conveyor belt dishes are discounted to £2.30. They also run a sushi school at weekend. Check their website for all information and offers: Yo! Sushi is, as most readers will know, an extensive chain of similarly styled and popular restaurants. Within walking distance of the Barbican there is also a branch in Clerkenwell on Farringdon Road, just north of Clerkenwell Road, and also slightly further afield there are branches in Islington on Parkfield Street and at The Royal Festival Hall and at County Hall.


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