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LOCAL SERVICES Are you Houseproud?

W Houseproud’s offices under Willoughby House

and I wondered if he was going to play sideways. But I think it was just to plan the mathematical order of his next notes. As the loudness increased – and this church is known for its orbital echoes - two ladies in front of me made for the door. A pity perhaps, because they missed some quiet, Debussy-like moments – as though the decibels, too, had surrendered from exhaustion. And the audience – they are mostly senior, so I do wonder about their hearing – remained very still, even rapt, or perhaps mesmerised enough by sheer virtuosity. Not too much concern for the music, perhaps, but a generous tolerance for the sound it made. Then I thought – but this is just what jazz pianists do, but with many fewer notes. And organists, and great improvisatory talents like Dudley Moore’s. Yet could you imagine a full programme of improvisation (in the “serious” manner) drawing in a Festival Hall audience? Forty minutes playing (as we heard to-day), an interval, then more or less the same again – but with the notes in a different order? We may discover, some other lunchtime, whether our virtuoso can change his style.

Ronald Millar

Census Day looms 27 March 2011 is Census day. In March census forms will be delivered, and the census is also available online.

Balcony Boutique offer for the Barbican residents. Early bird catches the worm...

If you book by April 15th, even if the work is carried out in May/June, you will receive a 10% discount

The census coordinator for City has been in touch with the Barbican Association to say that in the first week in April census staff will be following up anyone who has not completed their census form. Although it’s a legal requirement for every householder to fill in the census, lots of people didn’t the last time, and they are anxious to increase the rate of completion. It’s important that people do complete their census because funding for public services is based on population data.

The census team has arranged with the estate office to have access to each block to knock on doors (but only of those where no census has been completed). The census staff are vetted, have signed confidentiality contracts, and are CRB checked.

There’s lots of information on 34

hile many flat owners use their own individual cleaners to keep their flats spick and span, or of course do it themselves, there is also the option of using a service like Houseproud Barbican (now rebadging itself as Houseproud City). This is a small independent group of cleaning professionals which has been servicing Barbican apartments for well around 10 years now. Set up by two sisters, Kinga and Eliza, the small Barbican-based company (with offices located under the northern end of Willoughby House on the Barbican’s podium level) employs around seven cleaners and services nowadays up to around 100 Barbican apartments, with strong levels of praise from its clientele. Indeed someone employing Houseproud will get their own individual cleaner who comes every week or two weeks or at whatever interval they wish, but the advantage of using a service like Houseproud is that if your cleaner is away on holiday, or off sick, a replacement can be organised so you don’t miss out. Talking to Kinga she’s very conscious that much of their success has been due to support from Michael Barrett’s Barbican Living website which has been recommending them from the start when it was just the two sisters on their own offering cleaning services. They are now also used by some of the local Estate Agents who need to see properties in pristine condition for selling or renting out, which is a recommendation in itself.

Standard cleaning charges are £10/hour – minimum 2 hours. One off spring cleans would be more expensive, but whatever you need in cleaning and ironing services can be provided. Contact Kinga or Eliza on 020 7256 2002, 07984 108 807 or 07956 435 390 if you need a cleaner – or check out Houseproud’s website on

Win planting and design service from Balcony Boutique


alcony Boutique launched in 2010 and quickly won a reputation for high quality products and services. They have worked on many projects in the Barbican, and their

reputation grows. Creating beautiful displays that make your home even more beautiful. The main service is to provide a design and planting service for those residents who. have window boxes and or roof terraces.

This year they also intend to deliver plants and soil to the Barbican residents too, delivered to your door - not by courier. Balcony Boutique is run by Amy Pritchard. Amy will be in the Barbican Lounge on the 1st Floor of the Barbican Centre between 12 noon and 2pm and between 5 and 7 pm on March 25th and 26th if anyone would like to discuss Balcony Boutique’s services and options. You can contact Amy on 020 8508 3771 or mobile 0758 404 9258 or email her at

Balcony Boutique Competition

What is the latin name for the common (english) ivy?

Planting and design service for 1 lucky winner up to the value of £300 5 runners up prizes of 30% off

Entries by email to the above email

address – or by post or hand delivery to Balcony Boutique Competition, Barbican Life, 5 Brandon Mews, Barbican, London EC2Y 8BE

Eero Design – 5-minute profile


ero Design is another new advertiser in Barbican Life this issue and Davied Patterson who runs the company answers some questions about his company:

Firstly can you tell me why your business is called Eero?

It is named after Eero Saarinen, the great Finnish architect, who was in fact one of the inspirations for Chamberlain, Powell and Bon who designed the Barbican.

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