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News You Can Use A monthly newsletter from the Cancer Learning Center November 2009 – Issue 52

Helping a Loved One Stop Tobacco Use

Everyone knows smoking is unhealthy. Not many people know how dangerous it can be. Nearly half a million Americans die each year from diseases caused by the ingredients in tobacco and cigarette smoke.

If you love a tobacco user, you probably wish he or she would quit. You may feel frustrated because he or she can’t (or maybe won’t) quit. Nagging or threats may only create tension and anger. No matter how strongly you feel, your loved one must decide to stop using tobacco for himself or herself.

Still, your support can be important to your loved one. Here are some helpful tips:

Tink of how much you care about your loved one. Let go of your focus on the person’s tobacco-related behavior. Instead, think about how much you care, and focus on qualities you enjoy and appreciate about your loved one. Remember you love that person, with or without tobacco.

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No matter how strongly you feel, your loved one must decide to stop using tobacco for himself or herself.

Try to understand why your loved one uses tobacco. Learn about nicotine addiction and the struggle it will be for your loved one to give up tobacco. Your loved one may enjoy the way tobacco makes him or her feel. Tink about how upset you would be if you knew you could never again do an activity you really

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The sculpture “Sleek Shadow,” created by Lorenzo de Ghiglieri, resides in a niche in the Huntsman Cancer Hospital fourth floor family waiting room, to the right of the elevators. Nearly all art in Huntsman Cancer Institute (HCI) buildings was donated for patients to enjoy during their visits. For more information about donating fine art to HCI, please contact Roni Whittle at 801-587-9315.



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