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36 December 3 - 16, 2011

Publisher’sNote For once in a long time, I’m not complaining

A ‘normal’ holiday?

about how fast the holiday season came upon us again, even though it’s true. After all, what happened to the months of August and September? And for once, I’m not whining about how much

there is to do, see, wrap, party, etc. This year I’m actually making a concerted effort

to pull back from the whirlwind of activities, events and other crazy days between Thanksgiving and the New Year. No juggling seemingly endless holiday parties? No frantic shopping

at the last minute? No feeling like I’m treading water AND juggling glass balls at the same time? Can it be? For many years, the holidays just got crazier and busier, and while I

grinned and beared it, sometimes it just wasn’t fun anymore. I’m actually looking forward to what will most likely be a much calmer

and quieter holiday season. I might actually have a fighting chance of getting a holiday letter out,

since Geoff’s cancer bout last year about this time precluded that. I may not go crazy with decorating this year, as we won’t be home for

part of the holiday, and Geoff has already put up some new lights and a little Christmas tree outside. Maybe things will relax to the point that I can choose to sit and read,

take a walk, sleep in, and hey, even do nothing. Well, for this Type A, we’ll see about that last one. So, here’s to a little slower pace, with time to enjoy family, friends and

the beauty of the season. We welcome Mark Scarp, past president of the Valley of the Sun

chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists and a long time writer, as technical editor of the SanTan Sun News. We appreciate all those who applied, and we’re glad there are so many qualified people in our area. Happy holidays to all of you still in the hustle ’n’ bustle mode, and to

those who discovered the more serene mode long before I did. However you celebrate, make it as meaningful as possible.

Opinion Community Commentary Grateful for community support

by Yvonne D. Taylor, Catholic Charities Community Services I am writing to express my sincere gratitude to the community for supporting our

third annual community event, Hands of Love Family Fun Festival, Oct. 29. It was a fun afternoon with violence prevention information and activities appropriate for all ages. We are very grateful to all the families who came and to the volunteers and sponsors

who helped us host the event. Thanks also to all the wonderful community businesses that donated raffle items, food and services to make the event a success. Special thanks to ABC 15’s Susan Casper for emceeing the event; the Chandler Police

for bringing their mobile command center; Chandler Fire Department and Crisis Response Team; the Chick-fil-A Cow and to Chandler-Gilbert Community College for making it a truly memorable afternoon. On behalf of the women and children of My Sisters’ Place, and the volunteers, staff

and Friends of Catholic Charities, I offer heartfelt thanks to our community. The support we receive means more than you know to us and the women and children we serve. We hope to see even more people next year. Yvonne D. Taylor, director of domestic violence programs, Catholic Charities Community Services


to Editor the

An answer at last Thank you so much for your excellent article

explaining why the Dobson family had to give up sheep ranching. I’ve been working on an essay for my English class at Gateway and had picked the disappearance of the sheep as my subject. I have at least 15 articles about the Dobsons and the Heber-Reno trail, but yours is the only article that really explained the wet alfalfa and how that financially affected the Dobson family. Lucky for me your article appeared in my driveway this morning and my rough draft is due tomorrow. Needless to say you’ll be cited in my essay. Thank you again. Robin Brown, 85248

More thankful reflections

from New Vistas The following letters were submitted by

students and staff of New Vistas Center for Education in Chandler:

Laurie Fagen, PublisherFagen Publisher

Oops – In the Hamilton Prep play article from the Nov. 19 issue, the correct spelling of the girl playing Alice is Catie Carson.

While this is a tough time for many people,

we can still be grateful. I’m thankful for my family because they love and take care of me. I love my life right now! I am also thankful for my school. I have tons

of friends there. This school makes me learn and have fun. My teachers this year are Mrs. Hibner and Mrs. Pearson. I am thankful for them. I have a good country. I have good food and

fresh water. Letters to the Editor

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All submitted Letters to the Editor and Community Commentaries become the property of the SanTan Sun News and may be reprinted in part, quoting the letters’ authors, or in their entirety. Your submission to the SanTan Sun News is considered your permission to print your written opinion. Opinions expressed in Community Commentaries, Letters to the Editor or cartoons are those of the author, and not that of the SanTan Sun News.

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I’m thankful for my Nana and Papa, I love

them so much. But most of all, I’m thankful for my sister, Tatum. Simone Meinerz, second grade

I am a third-grade student at New Vistas in

Chandler. I am thankful for my family because they take care of me by making meals, having a nice home and putting me in good schools and activities. I am also thankful for my friends because they help me if I get hurt, are very nice and make me feel happy when I am sad. I am also thankful that we have an army to protect our country. My Thanksgiving wishes for other people are

to get good homes, meals, and have no wars. I want other people to be educated, peaceful and friendly. Nisha Reddy, third grade

Mourning loss of restaurant I don’t understand why the Red, White

& Brew closed? I know the economy is bad but this restaurant was always busy probably because it was one of very few choices in the South Chandler area. How many jobs were lost when this business closed? The loss of this restaurant can’t be good for our local economy. Roger Rouse

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