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7 News Dance club strip off for charity calendar Faye Grima

UCLAN Dance Club has released a naked calendar in an attempt to raise £1000 for

breast cancer. Following Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October, the group of dancers decided to offer an alternative way of fundraising, differing from your usual cake sales and bucket collections. Despite apprehensions about taking their clothes

off, the club decided to produce the calendar which is in the same vein as the one produced by the Wom- en’s Institute. “Everyone was very body conscious – but we

were all in it together,” said Charlie Willcock, UCLan Dance Club’s fundraiser. The calendar consists of a group of girls for

each month, all themed according to their month; including a Christmas special, Valentine’s Day and St George’s day. Dance Club Chairman, Emily Robinson said: “We

wanted to do something a bit different this year.” The calendar was photographed in Macs Bar, Fri-

argate, where all the girls were given champagne and made to feel comfortable in front of the camera. Miss Robinson, a third year Marketing Manage-

ment and Fashion student later added: “We all really enjoyed doing it – it was a great way to break the ice between us all as there are a lot of new members this year.” “We wanted to break the skinny equals beautiful stereotype. It was so nice to see all the different body shapes and colours all in one calendar.” “It’s not a pornographic calendar. They are all

photographed in the best taste. We are all different at the end of the day.” The calendars are now available to purchase via

Calendar girls: the UCLan Dance Club are raising money for breast cancer charities Oven explodes in private student flat Tom Freeman

STUDENTS in a Foundry Court flat were left shocked when their

oven exploded. The incident occured whilst members

of the flat were watching television. Journalism student, Emma Gordon

said: “We couldn’t believe it. All of us were in a state of shock. We thought it was a smashed glass but the whole oven door was on the floor.” Kieran Murphy, 22 said: “We were sit-

ting watching X-Factor on the Sunday evening. My flat mate, Jonny Ferret had his pasta bake in the oven, normal tem- perature, nothing strange. Without any- one even touching the oven it exploded! We’ve no idea how.” Murphy an UCLan Marketing student

later added: “We all found it very strange at first actually. I thought it had caught on fire, but it hadn’t. It just exploded. “We called our residence security to

prove that he had seen it. We’ve had a reputation of playing football in the hall- way, so I didn’t want the security to think we had kicked the glass oven door with the ball. The security were great.” Luckily during the incident, no-one

was hurt and the oven was later replaced by Foundry Court maintenance depart- ment. Murphy said: “They gave us a brand

new shiny chrome one. They even threw in a matching new hob.” All members of the flat were pleased

with the swift response by the Foundry Court team. Foundy Court declined to comment.

White hot: the oven soon after it exploded

OUTDOOR fitness classes are forever becoming more popular and with the latest craze of mili- tary fitness arriving in Preston they are now recruiting more members. Calling all student to get involved, mil-

itary fitness is the latest way of working out involving running, jumping, pulling and lunging around Avenham Park. Military fitness balances military and

civilian fitness techniques to build a bet- ter body and improve cardio-fitness, with each session incorporating a full body workout. Each session is run by OzoneFit, lasts

for one hour, and is adapted to all abili- ties, with three different teams which in- cludes Beginners, Intermediates and Ex- perts.

Despite the sessions sounding daunt-

ing, they are a fun way of getting fit whilst burning around 550-800 calories, with the help of constant motivation from instructors and team mates. Fitness results will depend on your attendance, if you attend 2-3 sessions a week, results will be most likely be seen within 2-3 weeks. Military fitness not only improves your

fitness, it is a great way to stay lean and acquire excellent tone and shape. Director of OzoneFit, Rob Partington

Attention! Get fit in Avenham Park now

Hayley Moran

said: “I choose Avenham Park for the lo- cation as it is perfect for fitness sessions, due to its undulating terrain, benches and open space.” After serving time in the Royal Ma-

rines, Partington felt that creating OzoneFit was his natural progression and he wanted to let others experience the buzz and enjoyment that comes from military style fitness. Rob later added: “The weather is Ozone's 3rd dimension. Whatever the weather, sessions will still run. “Most of our members prefer the rain

as it is more fun. In poor weather the bond between everyone is just like it was in the Marines, people working together to achieve.” Partington believes, that it is a great

way for students to experience what life has to offer as well as giving them a break from the monotony of studying and uni- versity pressure, and increasing energy levels, keeping you fit and healthy. The sessions are every Tuesday at

6-7pm, Friday at 6.15-7.15pm and Sun- day at 10-11 am. Currently for students is priced at £20

a month for an unlimited session, how- ever a deal currently exists where for students the first month is priced at £10. This offer will run until the end of Janu- ary.

For further information contact Rob

Partington at or 07983 507 121 or visit the website

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