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General Manager Norman Rich

Senior Executive Assistant Melania Oppat

Chief Financial Officer/AGM Tim Arbogast Executive Assistant Julie Yocom Security Manager Dennis Wright

Controller John Foley

Purchasing Manager Barry Kaufman

Athletic Director Edward Stoner Assistant Athletic Director Pete Greer Aquatics Manager Lisa Virtue

Fitness Manager Darrell Duvauchelle Gymnastics Manager Meg Doxtator Junior Sports Manager Dan Baggett Outdoor Manager Chad Failla Squash Manager Khalid Mir

Tennis Manager Wayne Pickard

Communications Director Michole Jensen Communications Manager Tony Roberts

Food & Beverage Director Cameron McMurry Executive Chef Philippe Boulot

Private Dining Manager Dorcas Popp

Human Resources Director Alison Beppler

Member Services Director Linda Ornelas Child Care Manager Dawna Yntema

Guest Services Manager Christine Natonek

The -M-Porium Manager Tonya Mitchell Member Events Manager Abby DenUyl Member Manager Dave Hanna

Facilities Director Mark Ellington Capital Projects Manager Dale Cook

Physical Plant Manager Dwayne Brantley

he ultimate gift of giving came from many of our members and communities in and outside the club this year when they helped pay the medical bills of Larry McKee. The husband of Babs Dalbey-McKee, Larry is success- fully fighting a brain tumor. Although he


carried medical insurance, it was weak and non-supportive, and the McKees were left devastated with enormous medical bills. Larry was unable to drive or work. Members and friends drove Larry to daily radiation for six weeks while Babs went to work. Members organized an auction, gave generous gifts, and staff and members helped raise $41,000, taking the family out of debt and giving them hope for the future.

What more can I say, we are a community serving and looking after one another; member to member, staff to members and members to staff. This was completely arranged by members outside the club and is a gift that will never fade from the McKees or my perspective. In fact, when Babs shared the news with me I was completely speechless – which doesn’t happen often – and proud to serve a membership that makes such generous gifts to such a deserving family. I am sure Larry and Babs will enjoy their holiday season in every way imaginable, knowing so many people are looking after them and good thoughts and great prayers are with them.

Holidays are here

This year the Holiday Decorating Committee selected Winter Sports as its theme. Please join the committee and MAC President Bill June as they flip the switch on our holiday tree in the Cornerstone Lounge on Thursday, Dec. 1 at 6:30 p.m. Members are encour- aged to arrive early for a special treat in the Turnaround. Some of Santa’s very special friends are joining us – the rein- deer from Timberview Farm. Members

have the opportunity to pet the reindeer from 4:30–6:30 p.m. Families can also decorate pre-constructed gingerbread houses at 5 or 7 p.m. and enjoy musical entertainment throughout the evening. Reservations are required for ginger- bread making, and Santa is rumored to make a grand entrance. The Giving Tree returns to the Main Lobby for the holiday gift giving season. Over the years, MAC members’ generosity has meant a Christmas gift for thousands of children who might not have received any other. Beginning on Wednesday, Nov. 30, select a tag and return the gift no later than Wednesday, Dec. 14. Members should keep in mind that the gifts are child-specific, so they are sharing both in the spirit of the season and in a special child’s delight in being remembered. The gifts are donated to local organizations that support women and children in need. Gifts must come unwrapped, but including appropriate boxes is greatly appreciated. In these harder than normal times, I cannot think of a better way of sharing your joy with those that may be less fortunate. I always pick three gift tags for my children to better appreciate the spirit of a giving tree at such a special time of the year.

Member survey

Lastly, I would like to thank the 2,429 members who took time to respond to our Member Satisfaction Index (MSI). I am pleased to report that the MSI finished at an all-time high of 95.4 percent, up from 93.2 percent when the members were last surveyed in 2009. Please turn to page 24 to see the results of the survey. I spent an entire day and evening reading every comment from our members and listening to your likes and dislikes. We will address as many as we can, including parking, as quickly as possible. This process is very meaningful and enlightening. From my family, personally and professionally, I wish our MAC family and members of our community the happiest of the holiday season and a great big new year! WM

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