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Hudson - Litchfield News | December 2, 2011 - 3

The Word Around Town... Letters to our Editor

HMS Acting Out Performs Christmas Carol Come enjoy a family night out while supporting the talented students at

Hudson Memorial School. Te school’s theater group, Acting Out, will be performing Ebenezer’s

Scrooge’s Christmas Carol on December 9 at 7 p.m. in Memorial’s gymatorium. Tis classic story is acted out by some of Hudson’s most dedicated performers. Te play is a comical adaptation of the Dickens classic. For more information please call Patty at 883-0725.

Patty Langlais – Hudson

GFWC Windham Women’s Club 100th Anniversary Tank You

Te GFWC Windham Women’s Club thanks everyone in the community for coming by our 100th anniversary “Open House” celebration that was held, November 13 at Searles School and Chapel. A fun and memorable day to take a stroll down memory lane of decades of history, wisdom, giving, caring and friendship that our club has shown and continues to show with pride!

Tank you to the following people: Our 100th anniversary committee: Chairman, Anne Engelhardt, Pat Russell, Polly Chervincky, Connie Cox, Lucy Ferentino, Judy Romano, Lee Bushey, Sue Violi, Rosemary Pothier, Barbara Norton and Ruth Coole. Congratulatory recognition citations from Sisters of Mercy of Windham, District 9 Senator Jim Rausch, International President Carlene Garner and GFWC President Elect, Judy Maguire. Tank you to all businesses, Betty Dunn for pretty music of the ringing of the bell, Donna Markum, Facilities Coordinator of Searles School and Chapel, Kelly, Director Windham Cable, and special thank you to Windham Endowment for Community Advancement who presented the club with check for $2,500 for our scholarship program. Raffle winners: Week at Sand Cay Beach Resort - Sandra Demers, Flat

Screen TV - Lee Bushey and Quilt - Diane Carpenter. Silent auction recipients: “Tranquility” framed print by Diane Gulden

- Valeries Bronstein, Blue Dichoric necklace by Margaret Sinclair - Betty Gay, 100th Anniversary decorating committee autumn basket - Rosemary Pothier, Time for Me basket by Ruth Coole - Polly Chervincky, framed print of Fellow’s Barn by Shelagh Demers - Anne Englehardt, Asian Flair Necklace/Earring set by Connie Cox - Denise Raisanen, Amethyst Earring/ Necklace set by Connie Cox - Diane Gulden, Kimberly Plush Bear by Margaret Sinclair - Elizabeth McNally, and Windham Wooden Buildings by Connie Markoff - Stephanie Wimmer.

GFWC Windham Women’s Club Illegal Immigration Amnesty

What exactly is Illegal Immigration amnesty? We have an immigration issue in which 11 million illegal immigrants are living in this country and the administration currently in Washington does nothing to enforce, regulate or reconcile this problem. Tere are Federal laws to control and adjust a standard or requirement in which allows our law enforcement officers to carry out the enforcement and neutralization of illegal entry into the United States of America. Republican states have passed reasonable and properly limited State laws hereby allowing the state to enforce these laws while the Washington bureaucracy hinders and impedes the law to a point where still no rule prescribed by authority of the Federal Government is enacted on. What I have heard over the last two and a half years is that we must come together from both parties in order to better secure the future of the United States on many issues, including this one. Compromise, that is what I heard, what I have seen is something entirely different. Even within one party it is a mutually exclusive plan of action. Take an example from the Republican Presidential Debate in Washington last night. When the subject of Illegal Immigration was queried, all the candidates responded with the “securing the border must be the priority.” However when Newt Gingrich offered a plan to compromise by proposing a policy that allows those who

have been in country for 20-25 years, established themselves within their communities, held jobs, paid taxes and even attended church all while not breaking another law to not be expelled because they entered illegally decades ago, while those that arrived here within the last 20 years would be deported. He was lambasted and castigated by his colleagues on how he was allowing amnesty to all 11 million illegal immigrants when that was clearly not what he said. How this could be contemplated as a magnet going forward is hard to understand as those here 20-25 years ago would be grandfathered into the policy. Tey would have had jobs for over the last 15-20 years so that would not have been a factor in job loses today. What I don’t see is the

compromise from the other candidates for a better America. What would Romney, Bachman and the other candidates do with the 11 million illegals here once the border is secured? Tat is what I did not hear and have not heard from any other candidate on the illegal issue. Tat sounds a lot like what we have been doing since the Reagan Administration ended. An accusation was made by Michele Bachman that Speaker Gingrich had implied that all 11 million Illegal immigrants would “in effect” get a form of amnesty. Tis simply is not true. Does Bachmann actually think that all 11 million illegals have been here for 20-25 years? Gingrich is the only candidate that I have heard with some type of plan or solution to what to do with the 11 million illegal immigrants who are already here. What is Bachmann and Romney’s plans for dealing with this? Do they even have a plan at this junction in time, would it work? We don’t know because nothing had been communicated or broadcasted to the American people. Te second falsehood coming from the mouth of Michele Bachmann was the tale of how Gingrich likes the DREAM Act, you know the one that gives illegal students in-school tuition and other benefits at the federal level. In fact Gingrich rejects the DREAM act but does concur with a provision in the DREAM act that allows illegals who were children when they came into the United States and wants to show how proud they are toward this country by wanting to join the military and perhaps become a citizen after their duty is completed. Under current federal law, you must be a citizen of the United States to serve in the U.S. Military. As a former Navy veteran I believe this provision is a good idea. What better way for an illegal to prove their devotion to this country than to serve in the military and defend it against both foreign and domestic enemies.

Jim Marsden – Litchfield

Friends of Marguerite’s Place Tanks Litchfield Volunteers

Te Friends of Marguerite’s Place recently had an opportunity to run a concession stand at the Exchange Club of Nashua’s annual Ski Swap on November 25 and 26. We would like to extend a very big thank you to Campbell’s High School’s Key Club co-advisor and volunteers who assisted at this event and to Caitlin Huertas of Litchfield, who also volunteered during a busy holiday weekend. We appreciate the generous gift of your time, which was of great benefit to the women and children of Marguerite’s Place. Marguerite’s Place is a nonprofit transitional housing and supportive

services program for homeless women in crisis and their children. Learn more at

Pamme Boutselis, Chair, Friends of Marguerite’s Place – Litchfield

Nashua Man charged with Indecent Exposure, Lewdness

submitted by Hudson Police Department On November 29, at approximately 6:15 p.m., members of the Hudson Police Department responded to a residence on Lowell Road for a reported suspicious male subject in the backyard possibly exposing his genitals. Additionally, the reporting party stated that the suspicious male subject fled on foot from the backyard when neighbors approached him.

James Peters

Upon the officers arrival they began searching the area on foot. At about 8:06 p.m. officers located a suspicious male subject matching the description near the

2 inches by 1 column

Now Enrolling Rosita Lee Dance


883-0055 222 Central St, Hudson Start 11-18-11 n o’ e 225 Lowell Road HLN

Dates Ran 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Now Open We Accept Credit Cards!

(603) 595-7827 (in front of Hudson Cycle)

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ZUMBA LESSONS 222 Central St, Hudson Now Enrolling for Classes

Rosita Lee Dance 883-0055

Sunoco gas station located at 74 Lowell Road. The suspicious male subject was identified as James Peters, 42, of Nashua. Subsequently, Peters was arrested and charged with Indecent Exposure and Lewdness, and Loitering. Peters was held on $1,500 cash bail, and was scheduled for arraignment at the 9th Circuit Court in Nashua on November 30. There is an on-going investigation with Peters as there have been similar reports of loitering and indecent exposure in the same area for approximately two weeks.

1 inch by 2 columns

ZUMBA LESSONS Rosita Lee Dance 883-0055

Now Enrolling for Classes 222 Central St, Hudson


Dates Ran 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

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