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Pulpit &Pew Men’s Day Forum honors 50 pioneers

by Theresa Fambro Hooks (

Fifty pioneer African American and progressive male leaders were recognized by the next generation of male leaders who picked up the man- tles during an International Men’s Day Forum at Chicago Voca-ational Career Academy. The program offered fresh per- spectives and solutions to many of the community’s challenges during three panel discussions and a presen- tation on such issues as healthy life choices, interactive public education and the need to nuture, honor and raise up Black men and boys. The program was an extension of an initiative launched at Real Men Cook by Real Men Charities Inc. on Fathers’ Day, 2011 in connection with Strong Bodies Strong Families White House fatherhood campaign. Under the theme, “Giving boys the best possible start in life,” the open- ing session of the International Men’s Day Observance was moder-

ated by WVON’s morning talk radio personality Matt McGIll, “International Men’s Day affirms the value of men in the lives of chil- dren, our families and our communi- ty,” said pioneer honoree Phillip Jackson of the Black Star Project. “We cannot solve any of our prob- lems unless men are at the forefront of solutions, especially in the African American communitry, reengineer what it mans to be a Black man. The program wrapped around the

school’s Community Open House and complimented the vision of Principal Douglass L. Maclin and his administration of becming a vi-brant hub of community activity.


theme, “A beautiful new day at the new CVCS,” and the Real Men Chariaties Inc. collaboratiaon attrac- ted hundreds of youth, community famiieis and Chicagoans who also attended and participated in the pro- gram.

An added attraction was the serv- ing of healthy lunches by RMCI, for- warding their healthy families and

communities mission. Led by Chef Curtis Drame and RMCC’ assistat executive director Gerald Frazier. Founded in 1999 in Trinidad, In- ternational Men’s Day is recognized by the UN and observed in more than 50 countries, frequently in partner- ship with CVCA.

It has produced RMC’s co-founder

Yvette Moyo Gillard, who leads the 22-year-old fatherhood movement that is advanced daily by RMCI. She was assisted in the planning and management by Javin Foreman, vice president of Power of Purpose Young Services and Rael H. H. Jackson, marketer and principal at Brand Rally.

“This is a real opportunity to bring more attention to the future of our boys and the importance of father- hood and mentoring,” she said. RMCI, programming and mentor- ing continue to bridge the gap, recog- nizing the stalward male leaders who are still working and have passed on knowledge, wisdom, gui-dance and tradition to a new generation of

Date: November 16, 2006 From: GOD To: All My Children Subject: #139- My Economy

A time is appointed

bound by its seasons, a time for every matter under the heavens.

Do not be anxious

be happy in this, I am LOVE and

I love children. Born into sin, yes

living in a fallen world, there's no excuse for

not knowing who I am. Work out your salvation!

Learn what you must learn! Try Me, taste Me

let Us help you run. Don't worry, be happy

you have a Savior,

put your trust in Me be guided by My Spirit.

Pray without ceasing. Trust only Me.

Love Me and obey me and I will give you rest.

cjh griffin 30 Chicago Defender • • November 30-December 6, 2011 773/ 493-1574

Mat 6:25-35 1Cor 13:4-13

Joh 9:34 Heb 8:12

Psa 26-27 Psa 34:8

Phil 4:6-9 Tit 2:4-5

Joh 14:26-27 1Th 5:17

Mic 7:5-7

Rom 8:28-32 Mat 11:28-30

Copyright 111606 Ecc 3:1-9

Panelists Shelton Smith, T.J. Crawford, Tio Hardiman and Raymond Richards. Photo Special to the Defender

males, committed young fathers and leaders with case study example of solutions.”

Fifty male pioneers and long-time warriors were recognized as “Pillars in the Founation of the Responsible Fatherhood Movement.”

Many honorees came in the spirit of mutual respect to hear solution


strategies from a new generation of young men.

Such honorees included noted psy- chiatrist Dr. Carl Bell, educator and author Dr. Michael James, attorney Lawrence E. Kennon, Fathers Who Care Core Groupleader Chaga Walton, Assistant Commissioner of City of Chicago FDCept. of Public Health and Thapelo Institute leader Joseph Harrington, retired educator coach, youth advocate and mentor J. Walter Smith and sociologist Dr. Josephy Strickland.

Panelists, all men under the age of 50, included Hip Hop Political Involvement activist and education T.J. Crawford, committed father and communicator Carl West, Cease Fire CEO and violence prevention expert Tio Hardiman, poet and citizen advo- cate Raymond Richard and Greater Englewood Urban Agricul-turalask Force Director Ray Thompson. The keynote speaker, Erwin McEwen, former Dept. of Children & Family Services director and cur- rent Casey Family Services Fellow, provided new insight and perspec- tives on how to raise boys to give them the ”Best Possible Start in Life.” For a full list of Pillars, pro- gram panels and participants, infor- mation about upcoming fatherhood and family health forums, or to make a donation to the nonprofit RMCI, visi t http://realmencook.,com/IIntMensD ay.hgml.

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