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December 1 - 7, 2011 ARIES A party or gathering with friends from the past will give you the opportunity to see how much you are loved. You've made tremen- dous strides and accomplished much in your life, so be pleased with yourself this week. Pass some of your wisdom along to others. Soul Affirmation: I give thanks for who I am this week.

Lucky Numbers: 40, 48, 55 TAURUS An afterglow will surround you this week if you summon it up from your subconscious, and you may not feel like getting immediate- ly into work-mode on several days this week. It's okay to go with your feelings; the world will wait for a little while. Treasure happy moments. Soul Affirmation: My smile gives light to everyone I meet this week. Lucky Numbers: 9, 21, 38 GEMINI Your mind will be extra busy this week with thoughts of new projects and the things you want to get done. Best course of action is to clear up pending and overdue items. You'll have a clean slate in no time and will feel genuinely content and ready for the new stuff. Soul Affirmation: Light from my soul shines in many directions. Lucky Numbers: 11, 13, 51 CANCER

You should know by now that trying to be in two places at once is very taxing to your nerves! Slow down a bit and trust that you'll get what needs to be done accomplished. Give yourself a head start on all road trips so that you have time to enjoy the view. Love promises much this week. Accept the prom- ise.

Soul Affirmation: My mood is created by the company I keep.

Lucky Numbers: 12, 19, 36 LEO

A friend from the past could suddenly appear in your life. This could be a highly beneficial reunion for both of you. Let bygones be bygones, and renew this friend- ship. Love isn't used up just because it's shared. Soul Affirmation: My blessings come through others this week. Lucky Numbers: 8, 24, 53 VIRGO

Drive the speed limit this week or you could wind up with a ticket. Why rush? Serenity is available if you only stop and listen for it inside of you. Discharge your usual obligations with dignity and silently count your blessings. Soul Affirmation: Friendships are the shock absorbers on the bumpy road of life.

Lucky Numbers: 4, 52, 53 LIBRA

Trust! --that's what you need to do. Sure people lie sometime but when you know their hearts you know what to expect and therefore you're not deceived. Be prepared for lots of compliments this week. Most of them will be sincere, so plan to accept them gracefully. You may be planning a summer trip. Make it a nice getaway Soul Affirmation: I take a chance on new beginnings.

Lucky Numbers: 22, 28, 29 SCOPRIO

Live free and large, and cherish good friends. Financial matters are highlighted during working hours. Everything to do with your money, or money under your care, goes smoothly. A party invitation arrives...say YES!

Soul Affirmation: I open myself up to the good news that wants to come ot me. Lucky Numbers: 33, 46, 55 SAGITTARIUS Creative mental energy makes this a banner week for you. An ambition that you thought you had left behind years ago suddenly resur- faces, and you'll see similarities between what you are doing now and what you dreamed of back then. Enjoy! Soul Affirmation: Laughter is strong medi- cine against any disease. Lucky Numbers: 34, 46, 55 CAPRICORN

No need for rowdiness, wild ones! You can make your point without jumping up and down and waving your hands and arms in the air! Speak your wisdom softly, gently this week, so that others can hear it and benefit, smooth one! Soul Affirmation: Wearing three different hats is easy for a person like me. Lucky Numbers: 18, 27, 39 AQUARIUS

Things speed up again this week and you are in a highly creative mood. An outspoken female in your circle may illuminate a thorny question for you. You'll be surprised and pleased by what you hear. Take her aside and thank her. Soul Affirmation: I keep myself free of all resentment.

Lucky Numbers: 3, 40, 51 PISCES

Hello home life. After a busy next few weeks all you want to do is savor the feelings of domesticity at home. Or perhaps go shop- ping to spruce up your living space. Whatever you decide do it with a close friend. You'll both enjoy the week more if you are together. Soul Affirmation: The grandeur of my presence reflects the sunshine of my soul. Lucky Numbers: 11, 14, 17

Chicago Defender • • November 30-December 6, 2011 21

Unplug with Activist Angela Davis

Special to the Defender

Community arts organization Little Black Pearl will launch on Dec. 16 a quarterly series featuring live poetry, arts and music performances entitled, Black:Unplugged. This intimate series is a unique blend of the arts and community spirit that embodies the mission of LBP. The inaugural event will feature Dr. Angela Davis, educator and human rights activist and Grammy award- winning artist Dianne Reeves. Hosted by acclaimed singer-songwriter

Nony Hendryx, Black:Unplugged is an exciting series of performances produced by musician Terri Lynn Carrington. “Black:Unplugged is a dynamic blending of the arts meant to engage and inspire the community. Art is a catalyst for dialogue and change which can happen when we are intro- duced to new ideas, thoughts and music,” said LBP Founder and Executive Director Monica Haslip.

For more information call Belle Beckham at 773-285-1211.

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