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The Muses of Jim

The planned trip to the Lakes went ahead and instead of visiting Wast Water, Peter, my son in law, took us on a guided tour of the northern lakes with which Betty was delighted. Some of the views were breathtaking. In my opinion

the Lakes are better viewed from a height, preferably after a long climb thus earning the view, but on this occasion I was quite happy to enjoy the ride and of course the stunning views.

I had enjoyed myself so much I foolishly said I would

pay for the evening meal, which was going to be a bar meal. The adults had steak and ale pie and David, my Grandson, had a child’s portion of scampi and chips. With drinks, three non alcoholic and one lager shandy, not mine, the bill came to £72. I nearly fainted, being brave I paid up, but cried myself to sleep, but that came later. The Guest House did not have a bar but fortunately across the road was a British Legion Club, where I spent a pleasant evening talking to the natives. Betty, after such an exciting time decided to have an early night. The following day Peter took us to a different part of

the Lake District and as he was born very near to the lakes he knows them very well indeed so he took us along the back roads which was interesting to say the least. Betty declined to go over any of the passes as she is of a rather nervous disposition. Betty continues to do well but eats and drinks very

Sue and Pat Halcrow held a Christmas Fayre Coffee Morning on Saturday, 22nd October in Emmanuel Church Hall in aid of Cancer Research UK, Children with Cancer (formerly Leukaemia) and the Great North Air Ambulance. They made £1300 on the day and including some fundraising throughout the year raised a total of £2100 to be divided equally, £700 to each charity. This has been a family event for several years and they would like to thank the following supporters: Work colleagues at James Cook University Hospital on Intensive Care Units 1 & 2 and Generic and Surgical High Dependency Units, Saltburn and Marske Swimming Club parents, Gosnay/Spar Store, Moola Gift Shop, and family and friends and neighbours who couldn’t attend but still donated money to the three charities. Thanks also to our bakers who spent time and money baking all those lovely cakes and scones, etc. To all our family and friends a special thank you for your hard work and to all those who attended on the day, thank you.

The Rose Garden Vegetarian B&B


‘Stay somewhere special’ Lovely en-suite rooms. Mainly organic, fair-trade,

local produce

Tel. 01287 622947

Sue and Pat Halcrow

little, but with the help of the District and Macmillan nurses, and of course Huntcliff Surgery, she is kept comfortable. One of our Daughters bought her a small bell so that she can summon me and give me my daily orders. Because of the medication she sleeps quite a lot. As Betty can’t climb the stairs and the downstairs shower room and toilet doesn’t have any heating, we decided to replace the old, old boiler and at the same time put a radiator in the passage of the extension and a heated towel rail in the shower room. The difference is remarkable. I really don’t know why we didn’t do it when we built the extension. Fortunately, Betty allows me to continue my voluntary

and community work and of course the Parish Council. In the week I am writing this piece an interesting happening occurred. I was present at a Presentation Evening at Huntcliff on Wednesday, 16th November, where ex-pupils return to collect certificates of their achievements and in some cases collect awards. It was a marvelous evening and the old pupils were dressed up to the nines and were wonderful ambassadors for the school and there was many a proud parent there to enjoy their children’s achievements. One of the awards was the Overdene Trophy and when

that was announced a shiver ran down my spine. Many years ago around 1977 the authorities closed Overdene Maternity Home without consultation and stripped the building rather quickly. Before it closed local people who were opposed to the closure tried to save it. We even went to lobby Parliament all to no avail. After the building was closed and the fight lost it was decided to use the funds to commemorate the Maternity Home and provide a trophy to Huntcliff School to be given to the pupil that had made the best effort. So therefore I was thrilled to be reminded of the valiant but unsuccessful fight to save an important

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