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Jimmy Saville and Saltburn

Sir Jimmy Saville, who died in October aged 84, had a strong link to Saltburn, in particular to the large villa overlooking the pier known as Teddy’s Nook. He praised his friendship with the family who owned

the house to his success in his career. It was owned in the 1930s by Bill Kelly, of

Middlesbrough stockbrokers Stancliffe’s, and his wife was Jimmy’s Aunt Meg. Jimmy, who then lived in a workaday part of Leeds, used to visit Teddy’s Nook and enjoyed holidays with his cousins, as the Kellys had a large family. Mike Morrissey, of Saltburn, discovered the link when

Jimmy replied to a letter he wrote to him via St James’s Hospital, Leeds, where Jimmy worked as a volunteer. “Saltburn, Teddy’s Nook and the Kellys was my first

taste of the grand life. Such space, inside and out, such views,” wrote the larger-than-life celebrity, charity fund- raiser, and marathon runner. “Auntie Meg was my mother’s sister. By a fluke she married someone called Kelly, the same as her maiden name.

Coming from a low-income family (in those days we were called ‘poor’) the Kelly household had a great effect on me.

“One of my first pre-teen feelings was ‘If it’s

possible for them, surely it must be possible for me.’ “And so it proved, but my bit of success would have

been impossible had I not seen it at Saltburn first. All my cousins were quite super and all in all it was a magic experience in a magic place.” The PS to his letter was: “I often sneak into town

disguised as Robert de Niro.” Mike wrote to Sir Jimmy because he was

researching Teddy’s Nook for a talk he gave to Saltburn and District Retired Men’s Forum in about 1995. “I’ve always felt his memory of the Kelly family

and its effect on his career was remarkable,” said Mike. “His letter was written on the other side of my note to him. He signed it with a smiley face in the loop of the ‘J’ in his signature. Great!”

4 People Not Profit tackle tax dodging

4 People Not Profit, Saltburn’s social justice party starters return to Saltburn this December after two events in the Boro, at a popular club The Empire and an outdoor event in Middlesbrough town centre. 4 People Not Profit present a night supporting UK Uncut and raising awareness about corporate tax dodging. The event will be on 3rd of December at the Spa hotel, starting at 7.30pm till late. The event is free entry although donations are welcome towards a 4 People Not Profit festival next year. UK Uncut are a grassroots anti

austerity action network who have been active since the coalition government came into power and started cutting public services drastically to pay for the recession caused by the banking industry. They argue that these cuts do not need to take place if banks and corporations paid their fair share of tax which currently is disappearing out of the country into tax havens. UK uncut have raised awareness of this issue by a variety of campaigning direct actions such as staging ‘bail-ins’ where teams of UK Uncut volunteers have been entering banks, occupying them and transforming them into something that people need that will be damaged by the cuts.

As UK Uncut state ‘The brutal cuts to services being

inflicted by the current Government are unnecessary, unfair and ideologically motivated. The coalition are particularly fond of two obscene catchphrases: ‘There is no alternative’ and ‘We’re all in this together.’ Both slogans are empty and untrue. The cuts will dismantle the welfare state, send


inequality sky-rocketing and hit the poorest and most vulnerable hardest. A cabinet of millionaires have decided that libraries, healthcare, education funding, voluntary services, sports, the environment, the disabled, the poor and the elderly must pay the price for the recklessness of the rich. At this event we have a stellar line

up of fantastic talent. Headlining we have from Newcastle The Backyard Riddim who describe themselves as revolutionary party music, taking influences from world music traditions such as klezmer and cumbia, reggae and hip hop guaranteed to get you dancing. These guys have been making some serious waves on the northern festival circuit, including a storming headline slot at the Newcastle Green festival. Joining them will be 4 People not profit

favourites and local pioneers of socially conscious hip hop Leddie and Smoggy, who will be taking a break from recording their eagerly awaited debut album. And not to forget our resident DJ Marc Fox will be playing funk, soul, breaks and beats, and VJ artistic wizardry from Da Pigg. This will be a storming event and one not to be

Cath and Tony Lynn

missed. So tell all your friends and family and come down and show support that you are against austerity measures that target the poorest and weakest in society while the richest rob us blind through tax havens! And most of all bring your dancing shoes and get ready to boogie at Saltburn’s first big party of the Christmas season! More info at And our website See also pages 32 and 53.

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