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‘Action Meeting’ on speeding in Saltburn

Pressure is mounting for action to be taken about speeding drivers in Saltburn. Concerned people are being invited to a council meeting to be held on Wednesday, 7th December in the town’s community hall. Organisers of petitions both for a 40mph limit near the

riding school on Marske Road and for a 20mph limit in busy roads inside the town are expected to attend with supporters. See other article on page 19. A presentation will be given by Tracee Hall-Young,

Redcar and Cleveland Council neighbourhood officer for Saltburn. Police officers will also attend. A barrage of questions is sure to follow. About the riding school area of Marske Road, two local

residents attended the September meeting of the council’s area committee. This was followed at the October meeting by Jane Heseltine, who collected hundreds of signatures last year for a 20mph limit in town-centre streets. Mrs Heseltine said a lot of mothers were angry that no

action had been taken by the council following the petition being presented at an area committee meeting held at Saltburn last year. She followed it up recently and spoke to a council official Nigel Hill (who has since left for another job). She claimed he suggested that an area including Marske Road and Albion Terrace might be restricted to 20mph. “I feel we have been fobbed off,” said Mrs Heseltine,

referring to delays in her petition being taken action on. Committee chairman Councillor Philip Thomson said officials would try to find out what had happened to the

With some Redcar & Cleveland Council Departments forecasting to overspend this year and a need to find 3.9 million pounds of savings from the 2012/13 Revenue Budget much scrutiny is being given to what the Council does, should do and can do. The building of new leisure facilities at Redcar, the

closure over the winter of the Valley Garden Tea Rooms, the review of travel to schools and the potential to increase new parking controls in the town are just some of the subjects that have implications on what the future might hold. There is a need to consult and ensure that residents’ views are heard. One such consultation option exists for the proposed

alterations to education transport entitlement. This runs until the 16th January and links to a consultation document can be found view the RCBC website. Deliberations on a Cultural Trust and Future Leisure Provision have been put back. However, there is still some good news. A decision on

the sale of the Upleatham old school site is expected this month. See article on page 19. Over 110,000 humans travelled on the Cliff lift in its

first year following yet another refurbishment, although very little remains of any original material, there is at least a resemblance to originality, unlike much the surrounding lauded conservation area. The working party on addressing the speed of travel of

motorists in and approaching the town has met for its first discussion. Omens are positive for a suitable outcome on the Marske Road debate. This will take time but there is determination to succeed. A presentation on the projects for East Cleveland

petition. He did not know of any action being promised. But later he said the presentation would be given at the 7th December meeting. Members of the public can ask questions at the meeting

and among answers given on 26th October were: Lollipop man: The man who helped children across

Marske Road, Saltburn, opposite Emmanuel church, has retired and is to be replaced. Land sale: Applications to buy former primary school

sites at Upleatham Street and Marske Mill Lane will be looked at by the council in March 2012. Police plea: Police Sergeant Mandy Savoury appealed

to be the public to help police to name ‘trouble-causers’ in the area so they can make progress on curbing anti-social behaviour. Grant: An application was made to the committee from

Saltburn 500 Club for £400 towards electrical work on Saltburn’s Christmas lights. The town’s councillors are to consider the request under a new decision-making arrangement. They will report back to the December meeting. Committee structure: Councillor Thomson said that

membership of the area committee would be changed in early 2012 and each ward (town/village) would have its own committee instead of Saltburn being linked to Marske and New Marske. Next meeting: The next meeting will be held at

Saltburn community hall on Wednesday, 7th December at 6pm. It is open to the public.

Councillors’ Column

resulting from the Regeneration Masterplan will be made on the 20th at the Town Hall. With Christmas festivities no doubt generating the

growth of waste material thought needs to be given to maintaining our excellent recycling record. With 42% of general waste being recycled it should be noted that the normal collection on the 29th will be on the 30th, but Dunsdale will still be open every day apart from Public Holidays. If winter weather strikes salt bins will be full as extra

salt has been ordered and salt will be deposited in piles at strategic sites on estates where gradients pose a challenge in adverse conditions. In anticipation of the annual dilemma to clear footpaths or not, a Snow Code has been devised. National guidance is available on the site.

Hard work to identify pollution sources and address

them by RCBC and Northumbrian Water has resulted in cleaner water and a return to an acceptable bathing water directive standard. Tighter standards will however apply in 2015.

In 2012 the Olympic Torch will be carried through

Saltburn on the 18th June with local torch bearers enjoying the privilege of assisting in promoting the town. The Library will host councillors’ surgeries this

month but the frequency is altered because of the festive period.

17th from 11am until noon. Any matter can be raised and confidentiality is definitely guaranteed.

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Meeting dates will be Saturday 10th and Saturday Philip Thomson


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