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message from the director

In this special annual report edition of Quest, we highlight some of the ways in which Sylvester Comprehensive

Dr. Joseph Rosenblatt

Cancer Center continues to advance into the future of medicine and cancer research. Our cancer peer-reviewed research funding has doubled in the past five years, allowing us to work on more exciting and important projects. The state’s appropriation of $9.5 million for cancer research at Sylvester is helping energize our multidisciplinary research programs, and has helped to accelerate progress toward National Cancer Institute designation. With this increased funding, Sylvester researchers have discovered biological and genetic differences in breast cancers affecting many minority patients in the region; used state-of-the-art nanotechnology to develop a novel blood filter that can isolate rare circulating tumor cells and determine whether a cancer is likely to spread; tested a novel antibody-drug conjugate based on Sylvester research that led to FDA approval of a highly effective treatment for lymphoma; and developed a revolutionary method to destroy tumors using the immune system, among other significant contributions to cancer research. Our research teams have had striking success, and I am optimistic we will add to these achievements in the years to come.

Our facilities are growing to accommodate our patients’ needs and better serve the South Florida community. Sylvester at Deerfield Beach added a Women’s Center and Radiation Oncology Center while Sylvester at Kendall added mobile CT and MRI, allowing us to expand our regional presence to serve more cancer patients. Our main facility, Sylvester/UMHC in Miami, has added an adult stem cell transplant unit, is building a pediatric oncology clinic, and expanding radiation oncology. This growth has been met with great enthusiasm by our patients, their families and our faculty. To further improve the Sylvester patient experience, the Ask for Ana program is helping our cancer patients navigate seamlessly through our university-based health system and take full advantage of our unique multidisciplinary capabilities.

Sylvester remains dedicated to reducing the human burden from cancer through research, education, prevention, and delivery of the most advanced cancer care. We have made remarkable progress in the past year and have made landmark contributions to the fight against cancer. I applaud the efforts of our dedicated faculty and staff, and look forward to the coming year with enthusiasm and optimism.

Best regards,

Joseph D. Rosenblatt, M.D. Interim Director, Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center Professor of Medicine, Microbiology and Immunology William J. Harrington Chair in Hematology



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