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Foreword Dear Readers,

Global Information technology (IT) has a sustainable effect in Healthcare systems, which in a momentous way is taking it forward. In this issue of Hospital and Healthcare management, we are going to discuss the regular emphasis on technology improvement which is making a world of difference in many genres of Healthcare Systems, like Data Exchange. You will discover that how data exchange with the adoption of Electronic Health Record (EHR) have become an intelligent medium of providing valuable information about patients to the clinicians.

The edition carries feature by John Crawford, Healthcare Industry Leader of IBM Europe who speaks about capture and exchange of digital medical data which is creating waves over the medical industry, application of analytical techniques to generate new insights and to assess the cost of effectiveness of different treatments.

Extensive use of data exchange have raised concerns over patient’s privacy and security. Dr. Eric Liederman, MD, MPH, Director of Medical Informatics, The Permanente Medical Group, Kaiser Permanente Northern California filter ways to balance the twin responsibility of providing highest quality care and safeguard parient’s privacy.

The focus today has shifted to more personalised healthcare. New Zealand is now making significant strides in eHealth to meet the challenge of improving quality with much consideration of concern over cost efficiency.

An increasing burden of chronic diseases raising the urgent need for a productive and reliable cure. Global E-Health forum stresses implication of E-Health as key enabler for designing personalised healthcare.

Many rare diseases may be cured easily if comprehensive adoption of early diagnosis is applied. GE Healthcare takes into account a system approach to early diagnosis and intervention that will increase utilization of high value hospital equipments and will advantage economies of healthcare system.

With access to high quality and improved IT, healthcare systems surely is going to benefit to the roots fast-paced, cost effective and clinically assuring cure of diseases. IT’s target approach to revolutionise the health regime in India and other parts of the world will give us new sprouts of hope in healthcare system.

Be healthy, till we meet again!

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