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by Patrick Nothaft COMEDY

At The B.O.B. Grand Rapids, MI 616.356.2000

Funny 1410 AM Debuts in Grand Rapids

MICHAEL KOSTA December 2-3


STAGEBENDERS December 8-10

JOHN DICROSTA December 15-17

HE AIRWAVES IN GRAND RAPIDS just got a little bit funnier. Nov. 14 marked the birth of a 24-hour comedy radio sta-

tion in Grand Rapids, Funny 1410 AM. The Townsquare Media-owned comedy station with the

call letters WNWZ replaces the Spanish contemporary hits station, La Maquina Musical. The launch of Funny 1410 comes just four days after the headliners

were announced for LaughFest 2012, allowing stand-up fans to hear the likes of Jim Gaffigan, Kevin Nealon and Whoopi Goldberg before they come to town for the 10-day festival beginning March 8. “LaughFest set the table for us pretty good on this,” said

Townsquare Media Operations Manager Jerry Tarrants. “A lot of first-year events on a major platform don’t do particularly well, but LaughFest did so well right out of the gate. I think they kind of warmed up the Grand Rapids area for us on this format.” While satellite radio services include stand-up comedy channels in

their monthly subscription packages, Funny 1410 features a slightly dif- ferent presentation that might entice listeners who are already plugged into XM or Sirius. Instead of playing entire stand-up sets on the air, Funny 1410 plays short bits from comedians. In a matter of minutes, you could hear Johnny Carson tell a joke about Ronald Reagan and then listen to Chris Rock explain how to tell if you’re in the ghetto. “It’s almost addictive because you’ll find yourself saying, ‘I wonder

who’s next?’” Tarrants said. “Because the bits are done in small incre- ments, you’re able to enjoy the best from the bit. They even separate the comedians, so you’re not hearing George Carlin every 20 minutes.” Think that Dane Cook and Larry the Cable Guy can’t deliver

the laughs like old-school legends Rodney Dangerfield and Richard Pryor? Worry not, as Funny 1410’s joke library extends back to the 1940s, Tarrants said.

DAVE LANDAU December 22-23

Dave Landau Dr. Grins, Grand Rapids Dec. 22-23, show times at 8, 9 and 10:30 p.m. $10;, (616) 356-2000


December 29-31 60 | REVUEWM.COM | DECEMBER 2011

Using a subdued, monotone voice and a quick, dry wit, Grosse Point Woods, Mich. native Dave Landau has built an impressive stand-up resume, including opening for Dave Chappelle, Ron White and Dennis Miller. While not as animated as a Dane Cook-type of comedian, Landau brings the energy with his hilarious punch lines. Check him out at Dr. Grins to find out the difference between gasoline and orange juice and how cereal can be an indicator of social status.

“Every week, we’re adding 75 to 100 new bits in order to keep

building [the library],” he said. Tarrants said the station’s ever-expanding playlist could get

even bigger in the near future with the addition of local comedic performances. “We’ve been approached by some comedians to host a local thing,”

he said. “To me, the sky is the limit on the radio station. If someone wants to piece together a local comedy showcase here in town, and we can feature it here on our radio station, by all means we are going to. “It doesn’t need to be stand up, either. It can be funny shows, funny

plays. I don’t want to be painted into a stand-up corner. If somebody’s a humorous writer or a playwright, I definitely want to be able to spotlight them on the radio station.” n

Other Comedy Events

Jim Gaffigan Soaring Eagle Casino, Mount Pleasant Dec. 28, 8 p.m.; $35-$50

He has released seven CDs, made countless TV and movie appearances and is one of the most successful touring comedians around. On Dec. 28, actor, writer, comedian and generally pale guy Jim Gaffigan brings his better-than-bacon routine to Soaring Eagle. The all-ages show starts at 8 p.m. Tickets range from $35 to $50.

Mike Green Dr. Grins, Grand Rapids Dec. 29-31, show times at 8, 9 and 10:30 p.m. $10;, (616) 356-2000

Winner of LaughFest 2011 Clean Comedy Award, Warren, Mich. native Mike Green has performed on the Michigan circuit for more than 10 years and is quickly becoming one of the top and most requested national headlin- ers. He has worked with Tim Allen, Jerry Seinfeld and Christopher Titus and has also written for Fox Sports Detroit. Using his quick wit and outgoing personality, Green creates funny interactions with the audience.



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