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Pelham - Windham News | November 25, 2011 - 13

Comments expressed in this column are the sole views of those callers and do not reflect the views of the Pelham~Windham News or its advertisers. Town and school officials encourage readers to seek out assistance directly to resolve any problems or issues. The Pelham~Windham News editorial staff holds the right to refuse any comment deemed inappropriate.

“Thumbs up to Gabi, Delaney,

and Abby! You will be great captains and lead our basketball team to victory. Here’s to a great season.”

“Thumbs up to Fred Nader for the outstanding leadership & effort he puts into Windham’s Pack 263!”

“Thumbs up and thank you to all the great coaches of the Windham’s Wolverines teams. Thumbs up to all the coaches, players and cheerleaders for their commitment and hard work on excellent season!”

“Thumbs up to PWN, the only communications tool. The BOS is a group of old tools that need to be tossed. Budget committees have been useless since color TV. Hal, you have 3 no votes all the way down from this house (way to communicate). Why a continued new ambulance? Can the three local towns combine and hire a central location with multiple vehicles that actually do this for a business, for less without the benefits for far less. Why are we tearing down a fires station that could be utilized as a DPW (close the fronty doors) Highway. Are we paying a small fortune to pipe water to the HS, a well or several on the land across the street with a good pump may be less costly. It is the nature of the beast, longevity breeds corruption and is only self promoting for the egos of these has-beens, never-beens- oxymoron Selectmen. We need a new form of government and purchasing agent with a long term plan. I have been watching the insanity for 40 years.”

Nice to have friends on the boards so you don’t have to go through any public meeting or voting process.”

Thumbs Up? Thumbs Down? “We want to be your Mechanic”

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With PWN Coupon expires 12/30/11 one coupon per customer per visit “Thumbs down to the unpleasant woman in

charge of the Pelham Records Department at the police department. I realize your job qualifications did not include a happy attitude, but when dealing with the public positivism is a must. If you are not pleased with your job then step down and let someone who wants to work step in. So kindly wipe that sour puss of sheer misery off your face and put a smile in it s place. A kind and respectful attitude goes a long way when dealing with the public.”

“Thumbs up to helping those in need. Can

I ask why the taxpayers had to give the old town hall to a private operation and for what gain. Taxpayers already give to the School. This property had high value. I watched as I hear the fire station will be torn down. If we are the hillbillies, our elected officials are the village idiots. Our town departments yearly beg for money every year. Think about it and voice your opinion on what happens with money you spent. Communicate rather than excommunicate. Some of the minimally elected octogenarians would serve us well by stepping aside. Would you be my neighbor show on ptv (seen at the town hall)? Is not the answer, I do not have cable.”

“Thumbs down to the Pelham Selectman...

Gov. Lynch Asks PUC Review to Focus on

Utilities’ Preparedness One November 8, Gov. John Lynch sent a letter to the Public Utilities Commission (PUC) asking the commission focus on whether the utilities were adequately prepared as it conducts its review of the response of New Hampshire’s regulated utilities to the recent snowstorm. Many New Hampshire citizens were without power for

several days, and some had lost power for a week. “It appears that some utilities worked pro-actively to secure the additional crews they needed to restore power quickly for their customers, and they are to be commended. But I am deeply concerned that it took until Saturday – a week after the storm – to see power restored to all our citizens. Like many New Hampshire citizens, I have questions about whether all New Hampshire utilities were sufficiently prepared, whether utilities could have done anything to shorten the length of the recent outages, or whether there were steps that could have been taken to reduce the number of outages,” Gov. Lynch wrote in his letter to the commission. The PUC had planned on conducting an after- action review of the utilities’ response to the storm and widespread power outages.

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who do you think you are trying to push this Fire Station on us with not give us back the $$ from the general fund. We have voted the Station down how many times? This should be a town wide vote not what the selectman want! I hope all the voters see through this ploy and it gets voted down for the final time. You people can’t be trusted! It makes me ill that you would try to do something like this for your own agendas!”

“Thumbs up to the Southern New Hampshire Steelers Pop Warner Football Team for a great first year! It was such a refreshing change to see a team where all players participated equally. Our son really enjoyed and looked forward to playing football this year. Keep up the good work!!!”

“Thumbs down to the Pelham High School

teachers and aides. Shame on you for calling the police on a young lady with special needs. In the future hiring educated staff who are qualified to support children with special needs would avoid a situation like this. This issue was handled in the completely wrong manner, following behavior plans and IEPs can prevent incidents like this in the future, please take note.”

“Thumbs down to Pelham’s ‘Spike’ for spending tax dollars on the Historical Society. How much money could have gone back to the general fund?

“Thumbs down to trailers

at Pelham School District. Is this the best we can do for our students to place them in more trailers, really? How about this, place the Kindergarten students in PES, there is space. Then renovate old Sherburne School for Spl Ed pre-school by September 2012. Send those trailers back to NH State and be done with this. Further more, don’t spend my tax money on trailers for our students. Oh, and while you’re at it fix our HS, replace the HVAC system. It’s the school boards job to keep the buildings in good repair. No need to add onto PES, put a new High school on the ballot that would solve all space/ accreditation issues. Move forward!”

“Thumbs up to Windham’s

Transfer Station employees for their helpfulness and pleasant greetings . Often I have taken notice on how very well they have maintained the disposal areas. Their work often goes without thanks. The environment is without physical comforts and the work is potentially dangerous. Their public service efficiently keeps our community clean and safe. On a more personal note, I would like to extend my condolences to Bob Dobson for the loss of his lovely and

courageous wife, Judy. Thank you, Bob, for giving me the chance to meet Judy in person as well as through your eyes. I have been inspired and blessed by your compassion, devotion, and love for her. May you find peace in the days ahead knowing that she lives on peacefully with God.”

“Thumbs down to anyone who applauds what our NH representatives have done with the budget in Concord. By supporting them, you either support tax increases at the local level (because costs have obviously been passed down) or you just have no idea what’s really happening.”

“Thumbs down to teacher’s workshops. What are these ‘workshops’ supposed to accomplish? You teachers are wasting time while you should be teaching. This is what you are getting paid for. Have your meetings on your own time, not the students. With 3 days to make up already, these make even less sense.”

“Thumbs up/down. Thumbs is merely an information outlet. True or false, good or bad. Every election, every politician lies or stretches the truth. If there is something that you truly care about, the reader will seek the truth. Do not accept everyone is naive as cha cha would have you believe. Dye your hair and keep up the botox and filler, but please end the idiocricy in your

Fire Department

Gets Grant to Handle Hazardous Materials

by Barbara O’Brien Six other communities in New Hampshire have applied for a

State grant intended to provide equipment that will detect the presence of hazardous materials, but thus far the Windham Fire Department is the only one to be notified that it will definitely be receiving money to purchase that equipment. Fire Chief Tom McPherson gave selectmen the good news during the board’s November 14 board meeting, telling town officials that the grant requires no money from taxpayers. “It’s a 100 percent funded grant, with no matching funds required,” McPherson said. The hazardous materials detection equipment and training grant awarded to Windham totals $35,000. “We purchase the equipment and just submit the receipts to the State for reimbursement,” McPherson said. The grant can also be used to provide firefighter training in detecting and handling hazardous materials.

McPherson said that the hazardous materials detection equipment and training program covered by the grant includes chemical, radiological, nuclear and biological events. Chief McPherson also noted that the equipment that the Windham Fire Department intends to purchase would be compatible with that owned by other communities in the region. Selectmen voted unanimously (5 to 0) to accept.

message board posts clearly from that old coot. The key is to get the truth from our officials (that all lie) catch 22. If you do not like thumbs, don’t read it, but do not hurt us advertisers and the other information provided by this medium.”

“Thumbs down. Are all the tax-payers in

Pelham NH independently wealthy and don’t care how much their recent real estate bill went up? Why hasn’t the finance committee looked at cutting corners on the operating expenses? Other businesses do. These costs could have been reduced, saving Mr. Tax-payer a bundle. Let’s consider carefully who we vote for next election day.”

“Thumbs down to the Pelham School Board and the employees of SAU28 office. Why do you think that you have to tell untruths to the Budget Committee and the townspeople of Pelham?”

“Thumbs up to Pelham’s Budget Committee

watch dog initiative towards the school board. Unfortunately, the school board needs more than that so don’t let that all mighty gavel fool you. Don’t stop now, Budget Committee. Keep up the good work.”

“Thumbs down to the person who gave the thumbs down to the librarian at the Nesmith Library in Windham for denying a Pelham child a book. Pelham people should stay in Pelham, just like their students should stay in the Pelham High School instead of going to the new Windham High School. The woman did her job, according to the policy of the library and her town. Now, if this woman doesn’t like that, and she’s embarrassed to say she lives in Windham then maybe she should move out of Windham. We don’t need people like her. I don’t think this librarian is running over cats and beating seals to death. This is ridiculous. If the librarian gave the child the book and the book got lost she’d be the first one to ask why the librarian didn’t follow policy. The woman who wrote that thumbs down should be ashamed of herself.”

“Thumbs down to the newly formed committee

in Pelham to oversee seasonal runoff in residential areas. If you have any type of rain or storm run off, coverts, or seasonal stream or other, this private committee is getting together and they want to make it a ‘wetlands’ district. I don’t know why, but that would diminish the property value of your residential home, it should be public record, and it should be posted in the paper for what these people are trying to do. For whatever reason, this private committee, mostly formed of Planning Board members wants to put this on the ballot, and it will affect many people in Pelham. I don’t understand why they are not trying to get businesses in Pelham, but trying to diminish values. This would greatly diminish values if you have a seasonal run-off in front of your house, this would become a wetland district which you wouldn’t be able to do much with. People of Pelham, be informed!”

Tank you for your submissions. All comments, thumbs up or down, are anonymous and not written by the Pelham~Windham News staff. Tumbs comments can be sent via telephone, 880-1516 or emailed to us at When submitting a Tumbs comment, please specify that you would like it printed in the Pelham~Windham News. No names are necessary. Please keep negative comments to the issue. Comments should be kept to 100 words or less.

Windham ‘Piggybacks’ on State Bid

by Barbara O’Brien A last minute alteration in stipulations

for a Federal Highway Grant changed a decision reached by Windham selectmen this past September. The original decision made by selectmen was to use Federal money to purchase a new truck for the Windham Highway Department from Freightliner, at a maximum cost of $150,000. The allocation of funds was approved by voters through a warrant article placed on the ballot last March. Subsequently, following a bid process conducted a couple of months ago, the decision to go with Freightliner was reached. Only two bids were received during the process. The requirement that was changed in regard to the Federal grant pertains to the “Buy America” provision, which, previously stipulated that the equipment must be manufactured using 99.9 percent American-made components. Earlier this month, that percentage was reduced to 60 percent.

According to Assistant Town Administrator Dana Call, this change

allows Windham to “piggyback on the State’s purchase” of new trucks, thereby, potentially, getting a volume discount on the truck intended for use in Windham. “It’s a gamble,” Call said, “but the cost might be lower,” than the one submitted by Freightliner for $150,000. “The window of opportunity is closing, though,” Call added.

In reference to joining the State’s bid process, Selectman Roger Hohenberger said, :I’m game. I’ll roll the dice and go with the State.” “There is an element of the unknown,” selectmen’s chairman Ross McLeod added, “but I’m willing to take the chance.” The other three selectmen agreed with Hohenberger and McLeod and the vote to go with the State’s upcoming bid process was approved by a vote of 5 to 0. The State of New Hampshire Department of Transportation will open bids in late November or early December, according to Call. The new highway truck will not be purchased in time to use it for plowing/sanding during the 2011-2012 winter season.

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