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FEATURE | Drake Bell A Reminder



We reviewed your latest EP, “A Reminder,” a couple of months ago. What has the response to it been like, from critics and fans?

I mean, people dug it, you know. It’s gotten [a] pretty good response from the reviews I’ve read and stuff. People seem to like it.

If Drake Bell seems wise and worldly beyond his years, it’s because he is. A born entertainer and an old soul, Bell would be most at home in the company of the likes of Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra and Elvis – performers who didn’t allow themselves to be limited to only one form of entertainment. Bell has already conquered TV with a hugely successful Nickelodeon show (“Drake & Josh”), starred in several feature films (“Superhero Movie,” “College”) and has made a suc- cessful foray into the world of music, with two full- length albums and a handful of EPs under his belt. Oh, and did I mention he learned to play guitar from Roger Daltrey? Not bad for a 25-year-old. After laying low for a couple of years, Bell is back

on everyone’s radar, appearing in the Nick original film “Grow Up, Timmy Turner!” and releasing his first EP since 2007, appropriately titled “A Reminder.” He’ll also be returning to the small screen next year as the voice of Peter Parker in the cartoon adaptation of “Ul- timate Spider-Man.” I recently caught up with Bell to talk about all of

this along with his music influences, his love of silent film and working with the late Leslie Nielsen.

Any plans to release a full-length album in the near future?

I definitely have plenty of material to do it. It’s just a matter of getting in the studio, getting it all recorded and getting it down. So, yeah, definitely in the near future I want to cut a full record. I like the EPs too; maybe I’ll put out a few of those every once in a while, because I really like getting the music out there a lot, and [it’s] fresh and quick, so I like that idea. But, yeah, definitely a full-length album down the road.

Awesome, I know a lot of fans are wanting more, especially after hearing the EP but only having the four songs.

I know, I know [laughs].

You’re obviously inspired by artists like The Beatles and Elvis Costello. Is there a musician or artist that you dream of one day collaborating with?

Well, I mean, Paul McCartney, of course! And Brian Wilson, those are really the top. That would be the end-all, be-all of collaborations for me.

I’m a huge Beatles fan myself, so I know what you mean. Is there a song or an album that you love so much you wish you had written it?

Any Rufus Wainwright record. I mean, any time he comes out with a new record, I’m just like, “Why? What do I do this for?” His records are so incredible.

You learned to play guitar from none other than Roger Daltrey of The Who. Those are some pretty amazing bragging rights! That had to be an incred- ible experience. What was it like?

It was awesome! I had to do a movie with him a few years ago, and I had never played guitar [although]

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