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Winter 2 0 1 1 Edition 20

From The Edi tor One Voice

Hello and a warmwelcome to theWinter edition of One Voice. That short hot spell seems well and truly gone now! The trees are bare, the nights are drawing in, fires are roaring, shoppers are out, and the festive season is upon us.

In this edition clients share their experience of buying a riser / recliner chair, we talk to some of our carers, there are tips tomake a planned hospital staymore comfortable and we look at taking part in different sports when you have a disability. Anne takes you on a whistle-stop tour as she travelled with her scooter to some wonderful destinations and Neil shares his enjoyable holiday at Centre Parcs in Sherwood Forest. There are some useful tips for travelling and some good ideas forWinter breaks.We celebrate the recent efforts of our volunteer community and look at ways in which you can support the NMC this Christmas.

This year, we have had a record number of people contributing to One Voice. A huge "Thank you" to each and everyone of you for all your contributions.Without you, there is no voice!

That leavesme to wish you a peaceful Christmas and every kind wish for the coming year. I look forward to working with you in 2012... you can catch up with me on Mondays at the NMC.

With best wishes, Independent Governance for NMC

2010-11 was amomentous year for the charity. NMC agreed with The Muscular Dystrophy Campaign that there should be new independent governance arrangements for NMC. This change will take place on 1st April 2012 and willmark a return to independent governance for NMC after 16 years of close legal and governance bonds with MDC. The two charities have enormousmutual respect and commit to a continued strong partnership for the good of all those affected bymuscular dystrophy.

The reasons for Independence are; -NMChas, in practice, operated autonomously formany years. -NMChas performed strongly financially for over a decade posting a surplus in all but one year. -OtherNMC’s are planned around the UK. *MDCenthusiastically support the creation of a national network ofNMC’s. *MDCsupport themodel of thoseNMC’s being a network of independent regional charities. *An independentNMCis consistentwith thismodel.

NMCwill benefit and growfromits own dedicated governance arrangements.

Independent governance reallymeans that NMC will have its own Board of Trustees who would help us to ensure we are going in the right direction as a charity. The key difference being that these will be Trustees dedicated to the work of NMC and who will already be knowledgeable, committed and supportive of our work. This important change will bring new expertise and contacts.

With the help of some of our CAG (Consultative and Advisory Group)members we are finding suitable Trustees and this is going well. These will officially become NMC Trustees on 1st of April 2012. Fromthat date all legal ties between our charities will cease. MDC will continue to help us by providing some practical services like payroll which we verymuch appreciate.

Matthew Lanham P r o d u c e d b y NMC De s i g n a n d P r i n t T e l : 0 1 6 0 6 8 6 3 4 6 4 Inside

• I n d e p e n d e n t Go v e r n a n c e f o r NMC

• Gi l l S t o r e y o n NMC p h y s i o

• Di s a b l e d f r i e n d l y s p o r t s

• B u y i n g a r i s e r / r e c l i n e r c h a i r

• A s t a y i n h o s p i t a l

• NMC Ca r e r P r o f i l e s

• Ma t t h ew c omp l e t e s t h e S h r ews b u r y 1 0 k

• An n e ' s t r a v e l s wi t h h e r s c o o t e r

• Ne i l ' s h o l i d a y i n Ce n t r e P a r c s

• Wi n t e r b r e a k s • Ch r i s tma s i d e a s

• Da t e s f o r y o u r Di a r y….


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