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Case H story Biomist

Hygiene Group has introduced a new service which is as close to a water-free disinfection system as anything currently available on the market.

The Biomist system applies a specially formulated, alcohol-based disinfectant via an atomised spray, delivering rapid disinfection and drying in applications ranging from food production facilities to pharmaceutical factories and hospitals.

It consists of a wheeled trolley containing a canister of liquid carbon dioxide which is heated and then pumped to the nozzle where it helps to deliver a ‘plume’ of disinfectant. This plume expands as it moves away from the nozzle, ensuring enhanced penetration of hard-to- reach areas and complex geometries. Simple twist controls on the gun adjust the throw, size and shape of the plume, making it easy to ensure thorough coverage and penetration, with minimum overspray and wastage. The CO2 also solves the traditional question of how safe

alcohols are when sprayed; the plume will actually extinguish fl ames – just as with any CO2 fi re extinguisher!

The combination of alcohol and three quaternary ammonium compounds provides both immediate results and a long- lasting, residual kill of unwanted organisms – including Clostridium Diffi cile spores which are traditionally very hard to remove. No rinsing is required, making the system ideal for environments where unwanted water can create problems, such as facilities which produce chocolate, cereals or cooked meats, it is even suitable for use on fabrics, switch gear or other electrical equipment!

The product has undergone extensive testing in the US where it has been credited with a role in reducing MRSA instances in hospitals. It is already used extensively in both the US and Japan in the food and hospital sectors.

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