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The sight of window cleaners up ladders brandishing bucket and squeegee is becoming a thing of the past thanks to The Reach & Wash System.

The Reach & Wash System, designed by Ionic Systems, cleans hard to reach high windows from the ground and is safer than any other cleaning method.

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Hygiene Group, the UK’s leading provider of hygiene management services to the food sector, believes this ladder-less method is the answer to the risks associated with traditional window cleaning. Health and safety is of paramount importance in the workplace so with ladders and high access equipment eliminated, companies are assured knowing that accidents simply cannot happen.

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The waterfed poles are developed to be light and easy to use which reduces any repetitive strain or back injuries when washing high windows.

The waterfed poles can reach up to 60 feet (six floors) so are ideal for high rise office windows, glass roofs, canopies and atria. All buildings can be reached over obstructions such as cars, lawns or flower beds. Without the use of high level access equipment residents are not disturbed during cleaning. This makes the application ideal for hotels and offices.

It is environmentally friendly, too. The ionic cleaning action uses pure water resulting in excellent cleaning results. Surfaces that are cleaned ionically do not require any chemical or mineral deposits, and in sterile conditions dirt and bacteria take longer to build up

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