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Case H story

Little did Hygiene Group know that a request from a customer to run its consumable stores would lead to it creating its own stores operation. It was the experience gained from running the stores and auditing supplies for Masterfoods that led to the setting up of Hygiene Stores. It is now a significant part of the specialist hygiene management services business, with more than 2,000 stock items.

Hygiene Stores UK-wide deliveries

Run from three locations, the jewel in the Hygiene Stores crown is a 5,000 sq ft facility in King’s Norton, Birmingham. It features racked storage, narrow gauge forklift trucks, a state-of-the art computerised stores system and operates a 24/7 on-call response system.

UK-wide deliveries are made in a vehicle fleet including Ford, Fiat and Mercedes-Benz vans.

Hygiene Stores 5,000 sq ft facility in Birmingham

Hygiene Stores operations manager Wayne Woodall said: ”It began when Masterfoods asked Hygiene Group to audit its use of janitorial consumables, such as protective clothing, brooms, face masks and chemicals.

“The audit revealed that it had no way of breaking down and analysing what people were using most often, how much they were spending on it, or where it was being used.

“That led us to introduce an electronic till system that shows what has been issued, to whom and even what shift they’re on. Masterfoods is then able to pinpoint potential cost savings, helped by the fact that we buy in stock, hold it and only charge out to them once they require it. The same till system is now used by several of our customers.”

Wayne said it was all this invaluable experience that led to the creation of Hygiene Stores in 2003.

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