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ááá easier to calculate and the licence is far less restrictive.”

However Emma Gooderham, Managing

Director of World Addresses, reckons that her company’s annual licence renewals in the UK are “well over 90%” while new business has, “grown well this year”. “I don’t think there has been much cannibalisation at all amongst our customers,” she says. “We have seen a lot of new users attracted to the per-click model that wouldn’t otherwise have bought into addressing. Compared to the per-computer, per-annum model, its flexibility makes it much more attractive to new businesses.”

New customers will find the Royal Mail’s upcoming PAF Compliance Centre website useful.

“We’ve seen a lot of new users attracted to the per-click model that wouldn’t otherwise have bought into addressing.”

Emma Gooderham, MD, World Addresses

Aimed largely at SME users, it will act as an information hub, offering answers to addressing- related questions and interpreting licence terms to help users make sure they are employing the PAF correctly. A helpful innovation but, by its very existence, it highlights the potential complexity inherent in using the PAF. “It’s a tool where you can go to find out all about using PAF,” says Rooney. “It will have a ‘test yourself’ module where they can make sure they are applying the licence conditions correctly.”

Still in testing, the website is due to go live later this month. It will join the existing online PAF supplier directory ( which offers a searchable list of the 230-plus PAF resellers along with a glossary and a set of FAQs. As noted above, SaaS has rocketed in popularity for addressing delivery both in the UK and globally (though apparently the Chinese market still prefers installed software). “There’s a shift to service-based, pre-integrated products that fit directly into a system and its workflow,” confirms Curry.

Postcode Anywhere has been the long-time advocate of web-based services in the UK and the acceptance of SaaS by the business community has provided an extra boost to its development programme. “It allows us to spend time on new and exciting data projects in the knowledge there’s a market hungry for it,” says Jamie Turner, IT director at Postcode Anywhere. “The web is simply an incredible platform for real

44 November 2011

Satori Software has just launched Satori Capture point-of-entry validation software, the first in its new line of contact data quality solutions. Satori Capture ensures each contact record entered is correct from the start. The solution offers instant accuracy and efficiency for data entry operations: as each character is typed, Satori Capture provides users with only valid address options in real-time.

or near real-time data services.” The company’s most recent release is a plug- in for the Magento ecommerce platform, which joins existing offerings for platforms as diverse as Salesforce, NetSuite, Sage and Microsoft Dynamics. With an integration with the Jadu CMS in the pipeline, Turner is bullish about the edge he feels Postcode Anywhere’s experience gives it in web service delivery.

“Alongside the copy-and-paste JavaScript, and desktop client, our API is the most comprehensive around, supporting the widest number of environments and use cases,” he asserts. “We have more endpoints, more samples and more code snippets to take the pain out of developing on the web.”


So, with web services making it simpler than ever to build addressing functionality into any modern website or application, UK vendors are increasingly looking to international markets for new users for their service-based tools. For example, World Addresses is continuing to

release plug-ins that use the World Address web service to deliver real–time international address lookups from within popular software applications. The latest addition is a plug-in for salesforce that joins the existing plug-in for MS Dynamics CRM, and more will follow. Both existing plug-ins are free, with look-ups charged per-use. “We’ve had a very good start internationally,” says Gooderham, noting that the plug-in development approach has already netted her company over 100 partner resellers such as

Code changes

Users of Royal Mail Postzon and OS CodePoint data should note that the ONS has changed the coding system used to link postcodes to Postzon data sets such as Administrative Area and NHS information. With Electoral ward boundaries also changing and Royal Mail phasing out the old codes, users should make sure their suppliers are on top of the updates required.

Point of capture launch

education software specialist Tribal Technology. “We offer the tools to build address look-up into any application and support their integration efforts.”

Capscan is also working hard internationally, launching the latest version of its Matchcode International tool in China earlier this year. This uses the Geo-data Quality Engine (from US vendor Loqate which Capscan part owns) to deliver address verification for 240 territories worldwide. North Korea and Iran are two of the notable exceptions.

One of Matchcode’s strengths is transliteration, that is, the ability to convert double-byte Chinese characters to Latin characters and vice versa. This extends to a number of Asian alphabets including traditional and simplified Chinese, Japanese Katakana and Kanji, and Korean Hangul.

“Older computer operating systems can’t

store double-byte characters but Loqate can still work with them,” says Terry Hiles, Managing Director of Capscan. “Asia is a great growth opportunity but will take some time to develop.” The product handles address look-up and verification, and can take a wider role as part of an ID checking process or in delivering other data such as grid coordinates. Perhaps reflecting China’s continuing preference for installed software, it is available via SaaS, as installed client/server software or as a mixture of both. Capscan also provides pre-built plug-ins for popular applications like Microsoft Dynamics

“Older computer operating systems can’t store double- byte characters but Loqate [part owned by Capscan] can still work with them.” Terry Hiles, Managing Director, Capscan

CRM, SAP, and Oracle Siebel CRM.

As ever in international addressing, the big challenge comes in gathering the most detailed, consistent and accurate reference data. Matchcode International employs longstanding Capscan partner Uniserv’s international data sets alongside Loqate’s own international data sets via a common front end. “This allows people to select data sets from any of our suppliers,” says Hiles. “

It can take some detective work and clever integration to achieve the best data set for a certain country. Where a national postal authority might have limited data on offer via UPU, the onus is on the vendor to track down other sources within that country and bring them

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