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That’s a view also expressed by many of Anderson’s industry colleagues and, with no concrete sight of the end of the current economic slump in view, the world continues to be a more canny, careful place. Every penny continues to be a prisoner.

Another major shift that Anderson has noticed is ain increased focus on insight. “The most marked trend we’re seeing coming

through at the moment is the move towards the hot topic of insight – and effective suppression is

“Data is the new oil but it too starts out as a big, sloppy mess before it gets refined down to the attractive, infinitely useful end product.” Richard Anderson, Business Development Director, The REaD Group

key to that.”

Anderson takes a novel angle on the now cliched ‘data is the new oil’ analogy, pointing out that just like oil, data starts out life is a big sloppy, unmanageable mess before it ultimately gets refined down to the attractive, infinitely useful end product.

He also comes at the whole concept of

suppression from a slightly different angle, advocating suppression as the beginning of a process, not the end. “We always encourage our clients to see

suppression as just the start of their journey in data. There’s a huge amount of value and insight buried in the suppressed data too. The growth in the number of files available is testament to the value and merits of suppression and we’re slowly educating our customers in how to view suppression in a new, more positive light.” And while is it was Andreson’s boss, Mark Roy, who is widely credited with creating the

Cleaner data now means cheaper post with TNT

TNT Post UK has refreshed its data cleansing solution dataMatters meaning users can now get access to preferential postal rates as part of the service. Users of dataMatters now have access to preferential postal rates through the use of an easy to use application for their direct marketing requirements. Users of dataMatters are guided through the programme step by step with the aprropriate data hygiene options preselected based upon the mail pack type and volume, and the postal cost savings calculated. The dataMatters solution was built to ensure that data lists are compliant with the Mailing Preference Service. TNT says that on a mailing volume of 10,000 items with a pack price of 50p and average match rates to key suppression files such as the Mailing Preference Service, users can save up to £1,000 on the overall campaign and drive up ROI.

CEO Nick Wells says: “As part of our philosophy to always innovate and provide simple solutions for our clients, we have updated dataMatters with a new option to provide accurate mailing costs. Clean data plus low postage costs are a win win for our clients and will help us promote DM as a cost effective communications tool that can complement and compete in the digital world.”

suppressions industry as we know it, and coining the term ‘negative marketing, Anderson now believes that it may be time for a new, more positive appellation to replace the very term ‘suppression’. Heresy, no doubt, at The REaD Group’s HQ in Sevenoaks, but an idea not entirely devoid of merit nonetheless. “As far as I’m concerned, all suppression files – deceased and goneaways – have merit and value if they have unique data,” says UKChanges Director Steve Day.

“What’s most important to me is that the data in the files is what it says it is and that it delivers for us and our clients.”


shouldn’t come down to a debate about price – data cleansing should never be done because of cheapness.”

Steve Day, Director, UKChanges

Day is also keen that the suppression market doesn’t fall into the same trap that so many other database marketing-related services have

succumbed to: “Suppression shouldn’t come down to a debate about price – if that happens all that we’ll see is a commoditisation of it like has happened in so many other areas and that doesn’t really do anyone any good. Data cleansing should never be done because of cheapness.”

So it’s all about value, rather than cost – a view endorsed by TNT Post UK’s Head of Data Channel Development Patrice Bendon. TNT Post has just refreshed its own data cleansing solution dataMatters to give users access to preferential postal rates if they use the service [see panel above].

Making suppression a criterion of qualification for commercial benefits is not unique to TNT, of course. Many products, including the Royal Mail’s Sustainable Mail solution explicitly include screening against recognised suppression files as a prerequisite for accessing the financial benefits of discounted mailing fees. But the fact that TNT has now joined the party with its dataMatters solution adds further weight to the already hefty argument in favour of regular suppression. As far as Bendon is concerned however, the number of files on the market is not always a bonus for marketers, especially for those less well versed in the fine art of suppression screening. “There are so many suppression files available

The National Deceased Register Reveal the true number of deceased in your database

 The National Deceased Register - fully validated, comprehensive, accurate and reliable

 An average of 33k new records each month, representing 69% of all deceased in UK

 Historic file dating back to 2000, containing 3.9million records

36 November 2011  Records on NDR are verified as deceased

 More than 30% of NDR records are unique and do not appear on any other suppression file

 File independently tested and verified

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