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510 NEWS

4 Government confirms spring launch for midata initiative

The government’s voluntary midata personal data initative to go live next spring with 26 partners on board.

5 GB Group still in acquisitive mode as it snaps up Capscan Identity management specialist GB Group confirms third acquisition in recent times.

6 Marketscan adds Experian data to award-winning Megabase Fresh from being named Outstanding B2B data supplier, Marketscan now adds Experian data to its Megabase.


10 Opinion New MPS a good move? RICHARD HARTLAND

The new opt-out site from Defra and the DMA raises a number of important technical and legal issues.

12 Cover story Smarter B2B marketing JAMES LAWSON & ANTONY BEGLEY Software-enabled lead generation and more intellgent B2B sourcing in the spotlight.

18 Case Study Aprimo / Huddle Collabroration and content management giant Huddle uses Aprimo to build a more efficient sales pipeline.

47 Call It Like You See It LINDSAY LOVELL

It’s time to bust a few persistent myths about direct mail marketing.


33 Suppression ANTONY BEGLEY Marketers are spoilt for choice when it comes to suppression files these days.

38 Database Marketing Software JAMES LAWSON Selecting the right platform is never an easy decision with many factors and conflicting interests involved.

42 Addressing JAMES LAWSON Addressing solutions providers continue to raise their game.

SPECIAL FEATURE Database Marketing Awards – the lowdown, Part 2

20 The second and concluding part of the series discussing in detail the winning entries at this year’s inaugural Database Marketing Awards.

Comment Antony Begley, Managing Editor

It was always going to be a controversial move, but Defra’s initiative with the DMA to launch a specific website to make it easier for consumers to opt out of receiving all forms of advertising mail could have very serious repercussions for the industry. The move has been publicly welcomed by the biggest players, as you might expect from organisations big enough to have to be seen to be playing the game, but I suspect discussions behind closed doors are somewhat less enthusiastic. Being more transparent about data is always a good thing for an industry plagued by shadowy figures operating on the fringes of acceptability – but whether or not this new website is the answer remains up for debate. As data becomes an increasingly pervasive force in the consumer’s psyche, there’s

always the danger of an over-reaction to concerns about ‘personal data’ and the misuse thereof. But the fact remains that the general level of understanding among the Great British public about personal data is not fantastic. Demonised by an ill-informed mainstream press as heartless charlatans forcing consumers to buy things they didn’t want, the direct marketing industry already has a number of artificial barriers in place to prevent it carrying out legitimate activities that enrich the lives of millions of consumers every day. If the new website gains traction, many consumers may find themsleves ‘deprived’ rather than ‘protected’. A public education campaign is much preferable. November 2011 3

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