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Indicia MD Ian Stockley (2nd left) and members of his team accept the award from sponsor Mike Fox (left) of UKChanges and Database Marketing Managing Editor Antony Begley (right).

Outstanding Data Focussed Agency: Indicia I

t’s a very challenging and exciting time for everyone involved in customer-driven marketing. Customers have changed the way they interact with brands, brand relationships have become more and more dynamic, transformed by digital and social media – and data has become increasingly important for an increasing number of businesses. One business that has continually grown its emphasis on data is Bristol-based agency Indicia. The agency readily admits that it has data at its core and has worked hard over the years to nurture the talent, tools and technology to delve deep into transactional and behavioural data, explore its relationship to additional data sets, and reveal what drives individual customer actions and decisions.

The agency successfully brings together the collaborative strength of data analytics, planning and creative to deliver what it labels ‘Customer Intelligence’, a leap in the relationship between brand and customer, all empowered by technology.

DATA AT ITS CORE Managing Director Ian Stockley explains: “We have data at our core. Our analysts then observe patterns that are shared across the agency. We then articulate this insight to help drive Customer Intelligence. This offers clients more knowledge,

28 November 2011

more sales and more for their money.” Bold words, but those words are backed up by a demonstrable commitment to data. For one thing, the company has proven itself capable of continual innovation in the data space, harnessing the power of offline, digital and social data. Witness Interact, its unique insight

environment with pver 10 million online contact details as well as offline contact data for 80% of the UK population. All records have full postal address, letting Indicia append any relevant variables to enable profiling and modelling. Then there’s Inspire, the agency’s unique analytical tool that allows it to measure the power of influence of every customer and its impact on profitability. Inspire assigns an influence score to the UK population and gives brands a means of segmenting their most influential customers.

Fond of describing itself as ‘the new breed of

direct agency’, Indicia sets out to create value from every customer touchpoint; engaging and

building deeper relationships, with data integrated into the whole journey.


Analytics informs the work of every Indicia team, from planning to creative, helping them to visualise what conversations the data could empower.

The agency is data agnostic, allowing it maximum scope when approaching every challenge and is also open about the fact that it doesn’t build databases, but rather, it builds Marketing Insight Environments (MIE). The MIE is Indicia’s agile, interactive and disciplined response to the dynamic nature of customer / brand interaction driven by digital and social media. The agency has also been Microsoft Gold certified for 10 consecutive years, putting it in the top 1% of agencies. Indicia is a remarkable agency that has not only seen the power of placing data at the heart of everything it does – it has had the vision and energy to make it happen. n

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