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Pelham - Windham News | November 18, 2011 - 13

Comments expressed in this column are the sole views of those callers and do not reflect the views of the Pelham~Windham News or its advertisers. Town and school officials encourage readers to seek out assistance directly to resolve any problems or issues. The Pelham~Windham News editorial staff holds the right to refuse any comment deemed inappropriate.

“Thumbs down to the Goldenbrook School. Teachers that are continuously asking for classroom donations and supplies.”

“Thumbs down to the

Sovereign Bank and a thumbs up to the guy who wrote the article. I wish I had an account there so I could cancel it. To charge somebody a fee of any kind, $5 or 5 cents, to cash one of their own checks is completely outrageous and I hope the movement to close out the accounts at the big banks and use credit unions – I hope that’s a big success.”

“Thumbs down to the

Pelham School Board and the School District for telling untruths to the Budget Committee. As you found out, Mr. Hardy, we on the Budget Committee do their homework and can see right through you!”

“Thumbs up. I live here

in Windham, and I’ve lived here for about 10 years. I go to the Transfer Station every week without fail, and it has been so refreshing not to see the guy crying about how tough his life is. Maybe I’m hoping Windham has done the right thing and gotten rid of him. It’s a very nice visit when he’s not there.”

“Thumbs up. The talk from

my son who is in the Middle School is that everyone is very excited about the new portable library and two new classrooms. It’s all about giving our students a better learning environment. Also, a big thumbs up should go to Linda Mahoney. After all, she was the first school board member to support this idea. What she did was to re-educate the other slow learning school board members. Thank you, Linda, wherever you are.”

“Thumbs down to the landlord on Daniel Drive for steeling cable and switching electricity to a poor single mother of two. She’s just trying to make it in life.”

“Thumbs up to the angels who helped my daughter and her friend the night of the October snowstorm. After being forced to leave their car at the bottom of an impassable hill the first angel provided a flashlight for their trek home. When they reached the top of the hill the second angel picked them up and drove them the rest of the way home. Thank you!!!”

“Thumbs up to the town of Windham for

showing fiscal responsibility resulting in a 5% reduction in their portion of our tax bills.”

“Thumbs down to the school district for their big spending and lack of fiscal responsibility resulting in a 9.4% tax increase.”

“Thumbs up to all my great neighbors on Brookview Dr. & Ext. for all their help during the storm and power outage. Your generousity and concern goes far beyond compare.”

“Thumbs down to the Chairman of the Pelham

School Board! At the Budget Committee meeting on Monday night, you made a fool of yourself after the Budget Committee Chairman proved all of your statements ‘false’!! Also, where were you at the School Board meeting on Wednesday night? Over the past year, you have been absent more than you have been present! Maybe you shouldn’t have taken on this position!!!!!! You are doing a disservice to the people of Pelham!”

“Thumbs down – To the budget committee and the board of selectmen for not knowing what positions they are cutting and how they affect others. Maybe they should look up what a purchasing agent does before recommending eliminating a position entirely. Just like no one did any due diligence when asking the town manager for the SLA from Neoscope, the town’s new IT

outsourcing company. Mr. McBride you should look into the costs of outsourcing before saying your all for something. You will find that the costs for Neoscope in 2011 are greater than the costs saved by outsourcing in 2012.”

“Thumbs up to Pelham being able to see the

drop in Windham’s bond rating. This is what happens when you build new high schools that people can’t afford in troubled times. Thank God Pelham residents know more about economics and how to pay bills than those in Windham.”

“Thumbs down to Pelham for putting a band aid on cancer. Getting rid of the code enforcement officer will not stop the Planning director’s agenda.”

“Thumbs down to Pelham high school staff, that

involved the Pelham Police and the local news papers about an incident with a special needs student, as a parent of a special needs child that has been in the Pelham school district for many years, I was devastated and sickened to see that the school was not able to handle this situation without involving the police who actually seemed more understanding of the situation than the staff at the school. You are in desperate need to hire staff more capable, educated and understanding of each and everyone of your students with a disabity. My heart goes out to that child.”

“Thumbs up to Linda Mahoney!! She has the

Pelham/Windham News so scared they only print her name when there is a thumbs up! When there is a thumbs down to her they put in ‘Former School Board Member’. Wonder what she has on them or has threatened to do??”

“Thumbs up to Pelham High School football

players and coaching staff. You continue to show leadership, dedication and hard work! You should be very proud of the character you have demonstrated throughout the season. We are all very proud of you! You have represented your school and community with honor.”

“Thumbs down to the Windham Zoning Board for their midnight decision to allow a shed to be built with only 2’ setbacks on the corner of narrow private roads. It will block a cottage window eliminating a fire escape route. It will be built over the clean out manholes of a holding tank. You dallied till the opposition left the meeting. The approval vote carried three to two. Shame on you.”

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“Thumbs down, way down, to tuition of our high school students to another town. Pelham high school is in accreditation warning because the facility is in terrible condition not because of academics. It is a great advantage to the Pelham community to educate our high school students in Pelham. Those of us who voted in 2010 for a new high school need to stand together to keep our students in Pelham. Let the SB hear from you.”

“Thumbs down.. way down... to what is happening in Pelham’s schools. I see more trailers have arrived. Is this what we are allowing as a solution to old buildings and over crowding? A few years ago 3 former school board woman led the arrival of the 1st set of trailers after crushing a coop school, and or our own new school, with their ‘No new Tax’ campaign. Why are we continuing with the arrival of more trailers? Do we not care about the kids in this town, the quality of their educational needs, what our property value will become? What is it going to take to finally do something positive in this town for the kids in this town? Pelham is becoming a laughing joke for other towns. Towns that built new schools, provide laptops, ipads, upgraded science labs, great sports teams. What have we provided? Trailers to educate them in, and the fact that they know people in this town just don’t care , don’t bother to use their right to vote, don’t bother to educate themselves on how to vote, and just cant seem to after many years do anything positive for education in this town.”

“Thumbs down to the greedy town of Pelham.

It’s tax time again and big surprise, the rates have increased substantially. Can someone explain the reason and what the tax money is going toward? It is high time that this town welcome in actual businesses, rather than no-names, to help relieve the tax burden set upon the residents. Instead of lying to the public by saying the funds go toward education and town improvements, why not tell the real truth? Behind every story there lies another. Tell how the town’s undeserving fat cat officials and employees are pocketing every last cent!”

“Thumbs down to the people that are saying the homes in Pelham are not selling, they are still selling but just like everywhere else it is taking longer. Property values are going down all over the country not just in Pelham! Wake up and stop spreading lies.”

“Thumbs up to the state of New Hampshire for having

who gave a thumbs up to the Librarian of the Nesmith Library of Windham for denying a Pelham child a book. Oh my God - what the heck is wrong with you and your thought process? What else do you do in your spare time - run over kittens and club baby seals? You seem so proud, knowing that a child was denied a book that they wanted to ‘borrow’ from the ‘public’ library, even if it is Windham Library policy. After reading your thumbs up from last week’s edition of the PWN, I am embarrassed to admit that I am a citizen of Windham. Your comments are embarrassing to us all. Everybody worries about Wall Street bringing down the value of our neighborhoods, but it’s really people like you that do more damage. Oh, and to the extremely rude Librarian - I want to congratulate you on your true professionalism!! To the author of the thumbs up, next time your at the library, you should pick out a book on decency or maybe you can just buy yourself the book!”

Thumbs Up? Thumbs Down? “We want to be your Mechanic”

the gall to increase property taxes 10% on a captive audience during a recession. Nothing gets in the way of greedy, wasteful socialists and their taxpayer’s wallets. Too bad the increase is just going to pad the pensions of unionized government workers and the pensions of unionized teachers who constantly succeed in providing one of the worst education systems in the country while housed in overbuilt Taj Mahals that provided many brother-in-laws with graft money. Little wonder people are just walking away from their under water mortgages, they should.”

“Thumbs down to the Boy Scout Leader who found it necessary to yell at the scouts at the St. Patrick Craft Fair Pancake Breakfast Sunday morning! You put on quite the display of a lack of self-control in front of everyone there. The scouts probably needed to be disciplined but yelling at them in front of everyone was uncalled for. You should be ashamed of yourself for such behavior. What a great example you are to those boys!”

“Thumbs down to all the readers of the Area News that do not get it (the towns are not there to clean up the brush you put on the street). The town workers did a super job during the storm’s aftermath. Now homeowners do your share and do not dump things on the curb. Take the time to say thank you for all that was done to help out. To those who checked on your neighbors, well thank you!! For all that forgot to say so.”

“Thumbs down to the town of Pelham for

raising the property taxes 5% ($300 plus) for the average home owner. Keep up the good work and hopefully you will drive enough people out of town on the next thing smokin’ because they can’t afford to live here. This will also discourage anyone from buying all the homes that are up for sale now. In effect, this will eliminate the need for more and bigger schools and fire stations with more staffing. Now I know why some ‘blow-ins’ call us ‘hillbillies’. It’s because this town’s administrators are not smart enough to figure out why there are so many ‘no’ votes in the March voting. Expect more this coming March. Property values continue to decline yet you submit a budget to the state that raises the tax rate. Smarten up with the economy being what it is, the residents don’t deserve this!!”

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“Thumbs down to the Pelham Board of Selectmen. Not only did you stick it to us by causing the tax rate to increase 5% this year, now you are rubbing salt in an open wound. You say $1,376,607 would be raised by taxation by raising the tax rate another $100 for a new fire station. You say that the cost would be offset by curtailed spending. You sure did a great job this year with curtailing spending causing the average home- owner’s tax bill to go up $300. You sound more like President Obama every day, who is driving this country to the poor farm!!”

Tank you for your submissions. All comments, thumbs up or down, are anonymous and not written by the Pelham~Windham News staff. Tumbs comments can be sent via telephone, 880-1516 or emailed to us at When submitting a Tumbs comment, please specify that you would like it printed in the Pelham~Windham News. No names are necessary. Please keep negative comments to the issue. Comments should be kept to 100 words or less.

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