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Hudson - Litchfield News | November 18, 2011 - 7 Mooremart- continued from front page

“MooreMart began as a family effort to provide needed but unavailable supplies to our brother and his fellow soldiers serving in Iraq. Four years later we continue to supply soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan with anything they need that will make their job a little easier. In fact, we have been so successful in our mission that the soldiers have said that we “carry more supplies than Wal*Mart”, and dubbed us “Moore*Mart”. “Today we have expanded our mission to include the local children in both Iraq and Afghanistan. We send new school supplies, toys and outerwear to villages that never had a school or where the schools have been destroyed. Now, thanks to our servicemen and women and the Coalition Forces the local children enjoy the long awaited privilege of participating in the educational process” writes MooreMart. Volunteers from the entire NH Southern tier were helping with the packing. Ages 8 to 80 worked side by side for our soldiers. From area Cub Scouts to VFW Women Auxiliaries, one by one, each box or Christmas stocking was personally hand created, packed, sealed, and shipped to our servicemen. The volunteers were broken down into assembly lines to sort, separate, and segregate items. “If you find an item that will expand under pressure or materials that are inappropriate, we need to make sure they are not packed” continued Moore. Many volunteers had donated pre-packed Christmas stockings for the mailing and each of these stocking needed to be checked. “A lot of people have asked what standard items they can purchase for MooreMart’s Christmas Stocking Drive.

Christmas stockings were filled with fun size candy, licorice, hard candy, peanut butter crackers, packaged cookies, granola bars, raisins, beef jerky, tooth brushes, candy canes, pens, new white tube socks, mints, Fun Size Chocolates, playing cards hand warmers, and small games.” “We need to pack these boxes and Christmas

stockings with thought to where they are going,” stated Moore. “If we are sending the care package to Iraq, then we need to make sure that the box has sunscreen. If we send the box to Afghanistan, then we need to make sure the box

Ted Luzey and wife Deborah extend their thanks to U.S. Senator Kelly Ayotte (middle) for her support, contributions, and volunteerism, at the event

has hot chocolate and hand warmers. We will be packing these boxes with thought to the climate in which the solder serves and well as thought will be given to the unit and regions of the country to where they will go. We have soldiers asking for specific types of toilet paper and no matter what the request, we want to make sure that no matter what our soldier wants or needs, that we honor that request and we will deliver it to them.” MooreMart has been sending care packages to our troops since 2003. In 2005, MooreMart officially became a charitable organization within the State of New Hampshire. All donations to MooreMart are tax deductible. In addition to the 4,000 Christmas stockings, MooreMart was also making an additional 800 care packages which were going to be addressed to a specific Marine. It is not uncommon for a soldier to contact MooreMart and ask for a specific item to be sent to them during one of MooreMart’s care package givings. “We want to make sure that everyone deployed from New Hampshire has a stocking,” stated Moore.

Paul Moore (Founder) and Ted Luzey (Co-Founder), Hudson, take a minute and thank the people from Hudson and Litchfield who volunteered their time to wrap and pack the mailing of 4,000 Christmas Stockings for America’s servicemen overseas.

Paul Moore said several types of care packages are being sent out this year. There’s a standard one with a variety of snacks and useful items, plus a letter or card or two written by kids. There are also warm-weather and cold-weather packages, plus individualized packages based on specific requests soldiers have made. Moore also stated that as our military has shifted their mission, more troops are sent to Afghanistan than to Iraq now. As a result, is much more demand for cold- weather clothing, hand warmers and hot cocoa as opposed to warm-weather gear useful in the deserts of Iraq,” The cost of the Christmas


stocking shipment will be approximately “$38,000” commented co-founder Ted Luzey, Hudson. Every penny we get is used to support this program. No one receives any money from what we do. We are very fortunate to have the support we have from the business community, the private community, and the many local civic organizations support us.” The success of MooreMart has reached the attention of the New Hampshire Governor for as well as NH’s U.S. Senator Kelly Ayotte. Dressed in a MooreMart t-shirt, Ayotte stood shoulder to shoulder with the volunteers and began to help create Christmas stockings for our servicemen. “It is so important,


especially on Veterans Day, to honor those who have served. Whether that is on active duty or retired. Their effort has made a huge difference. It is phenomenal the number of people who volunteer. Look at all these people here helping and making care packages for our soldiers. New Hampshire is so fortunate to have organizations like MooreMart, especially on Veterans Day.”


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Some of the more than 4,000 Christmas stockings AHS’ Taylor Carbone Signs Letter of Intent A Great Place to Work!

It gives us a great deal of pleasure to share the news that, for a second consecutive year, Enterprise Bank has been recognized as a Great Place to Work® in America! Our #8 ranking among all mid-sized companies in America represents a significant accomplishment for our company and employees.

This honor belongs to our employees. We greet this year’s announcement with a deep sense of gratitude. We are genuinely humbled by the collective excellence of our Enterprise Bankers.

submitted by Alvirne High School On November 9, Taylor Carbone signed her National Letter of Intent with the University of Massachusetts-Amherst at her home among friends and family. Taylor will be heading off to UMass in the fall where she will be majoring in landscape architecture and playing softball. Taylor was a

member of the State Champions in Division I softball last year. She was also recognized as the Gatorade Player of the Year for softball in the state of New Hampshire. The Broncos hope to compete for another state title this coming spring. Congratulations to Taylor Carbone!


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George L. Duncan Founder and Chairman

Jack Clancy Chief Executive Officer

Richard W. Main President

The Great Place to Work Award is based on a poll of employees and measures the level of how much they “trust the people they work for, have pride in what they do, and enjoy the people they work with.” Such a level of trust creates the foundation for our Enterprise Family and influences the way we treat each other and how we serve our customers. This positive energy goes out and comes back to us in the form of customer loyalty, friendship and a feeling of mutual accomplishment.

GENERATORS INSTALLED Thank You to every employee of Enterprise Bank who made this award possible

“Licensed Plus”

Accepting Registrations

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e a s


t s

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