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New mandate for Croydon

Croydon Business Improvement District has won a second five-year term. Town centre businesses gave it their backing following a 28-day ballot conducted by Croydon Council. With a voting majority of

71.01 per cent by number and 78.84 per cent by rateable value, businesses voted in favour of the BID continuing for a further five years from April 1st 2012 to March 31st 2017. The result was declared by the Deputy Mayor of Croydon,

Commercialisation is a profitable option for town centres

The ATCM has published a good practice guide for commercialisation in town centres, building on a well attended session at its 2011 conference. The guide includes case studies from Wigan, Stevenage and

Plymouth,. It concludes: • There is significant expertise around the UK to help maximise the business return from trading in the public realm.

• Markets have a significant role to play in bringing a town centre to life, injecting theatre and spectacle. • Managers need to be thorough with their planning and preparation and think big –sometimes the larger pots of money are easier to unlock than smaller sums.

• Understanding the detail and implications of the relevant Highways legislation can translate into hard cash for your partnership.

Councillor David Fitze, who said: “The impact that the BID has had in the town centre over the last five years has been absolutely fantastic.” Croydon BID is one of the

largest geographical Business Improvement Districts in the

country, covering virtually the entire town centre and representing approximately 580 levy payers including well-known brands and organisations and extending across the retail, office, leisure, hospitality and public sectors.

NBIS cuts crime in Bexley town centre

Bexley Town Safe, a Business Crime Reduction Partnership, has been working with risk management and crime reduction software specialists, Hicom, to pilot the National Business Information System. The software allows the

partnership to collect and proactively use information gathered on offenders of anti- social behaviour within the borough. The system, developed

by Hicom in conjunction with the Department of Trade and Industry and the British Retail Consortium, has been able to

identify the impact of crime in the borough and save 4-5 hours a day in analysing and correlating crime data. Jamie Parker, the town safe intelligence officer at Bexley, explained: “This means that our time can now be spent interrogating the data and identifying major perpetrators, their primary targets and their crime habits. “The NBIS reports show times and days where offenders are most regular, who are the most persistent offenders, what stores are mostly targeted and what goods are mostly targeted.” November 2011 SHOPPING CENTRE

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