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dency at PAICV's September 1997 congress, he faced José Maria Neves and pre- vailed with 68% of the vote. He stepped down as PAICV President in 2000 in prepara- tion for a presiden- tial bid in the next year's election and he was succeeded by Neves. He offi- cially announced his candidacy for the Presidency of Cape Verde on September 5, 2000.

Pedro Verona Rodrigues Pires born 29 April 1934 was the President of Cape Verde from March 2001 to September 2011. Before becoming President, he was Prime Minister from 1975 to 1991. After the ruling African Party for the Independence of Cape Verde (PAICV) decided to institute multiparty democracy in February 1990, Pires replaced President Aristides Pereira as General Secretary of PAICV in August 1990. The PAICV lost the multiparty par- liamentary and presidential elections held in early 1991 and was left in opposition. At a party congress in August 1993, Pires was replaced as General Secretary by Aristides Lima and was instead elected as President of PAICV. As a candidate for the party presi-

Pires was the PAICV candidate

in the February 2001 presi- dential election, defeating for- mer Prime Minister Carlos Veiga of the Movement for Democracy(MpD) in the sec- ond round by just 17 votes. Pires took office on March 22; the MpD boycotted his inaugu-

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ration, saying that the election was marred by a "non-trans- parent process". As President, Pires appointed Neves as Prime Minister. He ran for a second term in the presiden- tial election held on 12 February 2006 and again pre- vailed over Veiga, this time winning in the first round by a 51%-49% margin.

In May 2008, he said that he favored a cautious, long-term approach to the formation of a United States of Africa, prefer- ring that regional integration precede a continent-wide union. He attended the Tokyo International Conference on African Development (TICAD- IV) at this time.

Pires was awarded the 2011 Mo Ibrahim Prize for Achievement in African Leadership. The prize was awarded in recognition of Pires role in making Cape Verde a "model of democracy, stability and increased pros- perity". The prize includes a monetary component of $5m

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Birthdays and anniversaries are always joyous times. Family and friends gather to share the great day with you. Pictures get taken and great food served helps to make the day a memorable one.

This month is a memorable one for us. We are three years old and are happy to celebrate the month with you all. We crawled for a long time because of unique circum- stances but we are walking straight now and are set to run this coming year. It has not been easy at all. We launched this paper at a period when many more established newspaper groups were folding up each day one after the other. The conditions were not ideal for a free paper to sur- vive. SPECIAL FALL TRAVEL PACKAGES

The question we always had to answer was “ how come your paper is free? Do you get any money from it?” The answer then and now has always been that if the community embraces us and supports us with adver- tising, articles, photographs and criticisms we will sur- vive.

The fact that we have sur- vived till now tells the entire story. We are grateful to you all for supporting us with your adverts, articles, photo- graphs and for allowing us to distribute copies through your shops, restaurants, schools, churches, taxi cabs etc.

It is always amazing to hear your stories about how proud you are with the quali- ty and content of this paper. As many of you have

requested we are working to increase the number of pages and reach out more to especially our Canadian family. That will be our pririty for the coming year. To all our avid readers who send us messages from as far as China and Russia, we are very grateful for your feedback. We celebrate our achieve- ment with all the silent hands and minds that work so hard for the paper, but do not seek any recognition or financial reward. You are the heroes of this third anniverasry celebration. Africans now have a plat- form to trumpet our own sto- ries from our own perspec- tive. We will continue to BLOW the TRUMPET so far as you promise to dance to our tune

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