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By Lela Winston

Despite Burkina Faso president, Blaise Compaoré recent trou- bles with his armed forces, the embattled

leader accepted chairmanship of the International Multilateral Partnership Against Cyber Threat (IMPACT) international advi- sory board in October. Compaore will be the second IMPACT IAB chairman following

“. . . At 76[overall percent of efficien- cy], Botswana’s overall score in the Ibrahim Index has in fact been stable since the annual survey was first published in 2006,” the offi- cial government release said,

“underscoring Government’s consistent commit- ment to human

By Lela Winston

The 2011 annual report released by the Mo Ibrahim Foundation ranked the Republic of Botswana

number one in adherence to the rule of law and governmental accountability. The Africa-focused

report samples government and socie- tal indicators from a number of sources to compile a list of the most proficient African nations. A press release by the government of Botswana recapped its prestigious appointment indicating the nation steady improvement since its independence in 1966.

development and public service delivery, as well as adherence to best practice norms of governance and the rule of law.”

Overall however, Botswana ranked third on the Ibrahim Index after num- ber two Cape Verde and number one Mauritius.


continued ascent on the Ibrahim index should not come as a suprise, because the nation is also highly ranked among other international indexes and studies. In 2011 the World Economic Forum reported that Botswana 32 in the world within the range of countries like Taiwan and Israel. Botswana Scores High!

Additionally, Botswana has been ranked the least corrupt country in Africa and among the least corrupt nations globally by the Transparency International Corruption Index.

However, despite Botswana's growth in other areas the republic still graples with a 23 percent poverty level. To put those figures in perspec- tive, the US currently has a 15.1 per- cent poverty level.

But even beyond those levels Botswana has steadily become one of the most stable nations in Africa. The Mo Ibrahim report comes at a per- fect time for Botswana, as the land locked nation contemplates increasing diamond giant, deBeers interest in the country.

The annual

report, established in 2006 as a means to measure and reward African nations in the realm of governance and development has ranked Botswana highly each year. “In this respect the Index can be seen as a useful external yardstick of this Administration’s own adherence [to] its guiding “5 D” princi- ples of Democracy, Development, Dignity, Discipline and Delivery.”

Blaise Compaoré Embraces International Confidence

former Malaysian Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi. Compaore will chair the International Advisory Board at a time when cyber threats have become eminent security risks to national security in recent world events. Compaore is commissioned with the task of providing leadership to an international organization whose ambition is to create order in the chaotic world of international cyberspace.

While the task promises to be a challenge, Compaore is currently battling to reorder his own government in the wake of violent military unrest in the state capital of Ouagadougou. Reports from indi- cate that soldiers revolted in response to pay fur- loughs. The furloughs and the

resulting unrest may point to grave financial issues facing the nation.

Regardless, Compaore who has been in power since the over- throw of the Thomas Sankara government in 1987 may have to relinquish his appointment in the wake of the military crisis or attempt to manage both. The prestigious international appointment is undoubtedly a step in the right direction for African leadership worldwide; but it remains to be seen whether Compaore will be able to main- tain that chairmanship in light of current events in his nation.


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