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The huge value and contribution of UK festivals to the British economy has been quantified in an overreaching survey of over 2,400 festival goers undertaken by the Association of Independent Festivals (AIF).

The 31 AIF member festivals alone, which include Bestival, Womad and End of the Road Festival, attracted around 480,000 people this summer. Spending an average £461 per person on festival costs (travel, accommo- dation, food and drink and entertainment), they contributed a staggering £222 million into the UK economy and £17m to local businesses. With over 400 festivals having taken place in the UK this summer, the total amount of revenue generated across the whole festival landscape is pro- jected to hugely exceed that.

In fact the £461 average spend per capita is part of an overall trend of in- creased spending as festivals weather the recessional storm with a dura- bility that other entertainment forms can only envy. Compared with the overall audience spend of £408 in 2008 or £438.24 last year, the festival market looks to grow whilst other sectors such as nightclubs contract. In a direct comparison of festival vs other entertainment spending, festivals

have only been moderately hit by the downturn as 54.9% claimed to have their festival spend hit by the recession as opposed to 71.9% who re- duced spending on other forms of entertainment.

Interest in ethical ticket exchange has increased since last year up to 68% from65% in 2010. In response to the issue of rising ticket prices through secondary ticketing sites and touts AIF launched The Ticket Trust, an ethical ticket exchange site, on the 11th July this year.

Claire O’Neill, co-founder of A Greener Festival and AIF general manager said "In the face of what has been a challenging few years for many, we are very happy to see these positive trends for the continued steady growth of the Independent Festival market. Year on year from our audi- ence surveys the impact to the UK economy and cultural significance of these events is confirmed. By no means is delivering a successful festival an easy task, and the amazing accomplishments of our members and their teams is outstanding."

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