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PlanSJ Video #3

The third PlanSJ Video, produced by local videographers at Hemmings House Pictures, is the final video in the PlanSJ series. It is intended to wrap up the PlanSJ community engagement process and showcase the new Municipal Plan to the community.

The video is available on the PlanSJ website at or on YouTube by searching “PlanSJ”. For more information on the PlanSJ process, the previous two videos are also available on the website and YouTube.

Municipal Plan Highlights

The Municipal Plan addresses a variety of topics that are important to the City and the community, and provides a range of policies to guide future development and decision-making in the City.

The Municipal Plan includes a vision, directions, goals and policies that focus on: •

Identifying priority areas for growth and change;

• Using land more efficiently; •

Promoting good urban design standards to foster high quality, attractive and functional development;

Encouraging a more compact pattern of development with more housing clustered in core areas with good access to transit and community facilities;

• Creating and enhancing safe, desirable places to live within the serviced areas of the city;

• • •

Ensuring an adequate supply of land is available for housing that meets the needs of the entire community;

Supporting the strong base of heavy industrial operations while attracting new investments in emerging sectors like information technology and health care;

Protecting the rural landscape and natural areas;

• Growing in a more sustainable way, protecting significant natural areas and considering environmental sustainability in all municipal decisions;

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