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Spar Cove Pumping Station #22 and Harbour Station Sewage Lift Station #10 and Force Main are scheduled to be completed by October 2011.

Riverview Avenue Sewage Lift Station #30 and Force Main are scheduled to be completed by November 2011.

Construction of the Marsh Creek Collector Sewer and Force Main, Crown Street Sewage Lift Station #8 and Force Main and Bridge Street Sewage Lift Station #23 and Force Main are underway and scheduled for completion by June 2012.

The balance of 2011 and 2012 will be busy for the Harbour Clean-Up program as the remaining components of the Wastewater Collection System are constructed.

The overall total estimated cost of the Harbour Clean-Up program as reported to Council in September 2009 is $99,400,000 including the City’s eligible H.S.T. rebate. The project is still projected to be completed within budget.

Harbour Clean-Up Program

The Harbour Clean-Up program is a series of projects to redirect sanitary flow from outfall pipes that currently empty into the harbour to wastewater treatment facilities. There are two main components: the Eastern Wastewater Treatment Facility and a collection and pumping system to move all wastewater to one of three major wastewater treatment facilities. The goal of the project is to eliminate every point where untreated sewage empties into the harbour.

1) A lift station is a point in the sewer system where the wastewater needs to be pumped (lifted) to a higher elevation so that gravity can be used to bring the wastewater to the treatment facility.

2) A force main is a pipe that transports sewage under pressure from a lift station to a point where other pumps or gravity can take over in moving the sewage to a treatment facility.

3) A collector sewer is a sewer that gathers sanitary flows from individual buildings.

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