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Our Favorite Things

Sundowner Trailer Our faithful, two-horse slant Sundowner ValueLite trailer safely carries our two horses down busy highways and up twisty mountain roads. And, although it’s over a dozen years old, it’s still in great shape!

California Trace Our horses Joker and Brady have been on the supplement California Trace for a number of months now, and their coats remain shiny and their hooves stay healthy. All this, and the daily dose is just two small scoops!

Porta-Grazer Each day, Joker and Brady happily dip their heads down into their Porta-Grazers and dine on hay. Even with the slow-feeding baskets removed, the sturdy Porta-Grazers still make great feeding buckets.

The St. Bernard Lodge My husband Scott and I loved staying in this old-fashioned mountain lodge near Lassen National Park. The food was great, the horses had comfy corrals out back, and there were plenty of nearby places to ride and explore.

Cavallo Boots

Our horse Joker is a barefoot boy, and when we’re ex- ploring rocky trails, he appreciates the cushy comfort that his sturdy Cavallo Boots provide And we love how easy they are to put on!

Western States Horse Expo Cheryl, Rita, and I already have our hotel booked in Sacramento for the Horse Expo, which takes place June 8 - 12, 2012. The Project Cowgirl competition should be fun!

Cheryl’s List Enjoy Yums

Kathleen and Cheryl share their lists of favorites Kathleen’s List

These are horse and dog treats from Little Pet Vet. I love the adorable holiday packaging, and my horses and dogs love the treats inside.

Keepsake Bows This new company makes the cutest gift wrap, bows, and gift bags in original artistic equestrian designs. All my friends will love getting gifts packaged in these bags. I bet everyone reuses them too! Visit

Ranch Cams After spending a long cold night in the barn watching my horse Winchester for signs of colic, I sure hope Santa brings me a camera from Ranch Cams so I can monitor my horses from inside the house without disturbing them with hourly checks. Check out the company’s great trailer cams, too, at

Richard Winters Horsemanship Last year, I asked for a trip to the Richard Winters’ All Women’s Retreat. This year, I am asking Santa to send my friends. Richard’s tal- ented daughter Sarah is back from Texas, and they are teaching clinics together again. If you get HRTV, be sure to watch Richard’s weekly TV show. I love it! Please visit

Palomino Gelding My Christmas wish ever since I was a little girl was for a Palomino gelding, so I guess it just isn’t Christmas if I don’t ask Santa for a horse. So, please Santa, how about sending me that Palo- mino before I get too old to ride him!

Ford Truck I have a couple of friends who need a new truck, so I hope Santa brings them a brand new bright red Ford this year. If Santa doesn’t make it to your house, you can find your new ride at Hoblit Motors in Colusa—be sure to tell them Cheryl from Honest Horses Magazine sent you! Check out

8 November-December 2011

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