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Living the Equestrian Life | Readers Share Meet Deni Whiting

Deni Whiting has been studying the Parelli Natural Horsemanship program for the past 10 years, and she regularly spends time refining the skills she has and also learning new ones. Recently, she attended the Parelli Bridleless and Liberty Savvy Conference in Colorado and wanted to share a bit about her experiences with Honest Horses Magazine readers. – Kathleen McFarren, Editor


Kelly, Deni, Cathie, and Nattie

orses, incredible views of the Rockies, like-minded people, and good food. Who wouldn’t

want to be in Colorado for the Parelli Bridleless and Liberty Savvy Summit. That’s what three friends of mine and I wondered. And so we went!

The Summit took place from September 10-12, 2012 in Pagosa Springs, Colorado. The four of us flew into Albuquerque and then piled into a rental car for an awesome

drive through Santa Fe, where we stopped for lunch. Then it was on to the Parelli Ranch. There, we spent three full days with 800 other horse lovers, learning from Pat and Linda Parelli, along with Amy Book Bowers, Lyndsey Fitch, and several others.

Not only did we learn about horses and horse behavior at the conference, but we also learned the theories and building blocks for riding a horse bridleless—it’s not just about taking the bridle off and praying!

Deni gave copies of Honest Horses Magazine to Pat Parelli

Many of the demonstrations blew our socks off! For one of the demos, Amy Book Bowers and another gal rode side- by-side without bridles, staying in sync, even as they took jumps.

There was also a tournament challenge, where five instructors had a series of six tasks to complete in five minutes, all at liberty. One task included loading a horse into a trailer with no halter on. Most noticeable was how patient and clear all the entrants were with their horses and how riveted the horses were with their owners.

Amy Book Bowers and her horse Sapphire

Linda Parelli shared information with us about a new course called “Contact is neutral.” There was also a dinner and a dance under the Colorado stars, with hundreds of dancers doing the macarana at once! Plus, the Parelli instructors were available the whole time, answering any questions we had about what we were learning at the Summit and about our own horses.

Pagosa Springs is a great town to visit, too, with hot springs and beautiful scenery. During our visit, we stayed in a condo and got to see a hot air balloon festival.

All four of us came home feeling very motivated and ready to get to work with our own horses. I can’t wait to go back next year!

The Parellis have a gift of being able to turn information into bits you can digest and then remember and put to use when you get home. They also have simple methods for helping you achieve incredible results and materials to help you in your own backyard. Their website has a wealth of free information; check it out at www.

More about Deni Deni teaches natural horsemanship methods in the Chico area. She has the gift of making learning both meaningful and fun for her riding students, whether they are working with their horses on the ground or in the saddle. She loves solving the hard issues with horses and helping horses and their owners get along better. Her summer riding camps for kids are always popular, too. Call Deni at 530.518.3803 or e-mail her at

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