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Photo by Kathy Edwards The cast of "Seussical theMusical" received a rating of "Excellent" for their one-act performance on October 14. Caught in theAct by Auburn Skubic As 23 schools and 898 students

gathered at Cypress High School, nerves raged through the 30 Canterbury students who were to perform at the District Six Thespian Festival. On October 14 and 15, thespians

from all over Florida assembled and per- formed, hoping they would be ranked among superior performers. Canterbury’s thespians competed

in several categories. The One-Act compe- tition on October 14 entailed a cut from the main stage production, Seussical theMusi- cal. TheOne-Act received an overall rating of an excellent and awards for Best Cos- tumes and Best Lighting Technician. Only a handful of One-Act per-

formances received a superior rating. “To know that your among the best feels nice,” said senior Lucas Czarnecki. On October 15, the Individual

Event competition with a total of 26 indi- vidual events took place. Our Canterbury thespians received nine superior ratings, ten

excellent ratings, and seven good ratings. Along with many successful

events were three that earned Best-in-Room designation for the entire day. ChristineOr- lando (Set Design), Anastasia Snetkova (Costume Design), and Chris Maddox, Ryan Foor, and Xylo Smith (Ensemble Act- ing). Maddox, Foor, and Smith also represented our troupe at the Critic’s Choice Showcase, performing their En- semble Acting from The Boys Next Door. Among the students who received

superior recognition were Shelby Delans (Costume Design), Anastasia Snetkova

Bringing Back the Gluhm by Abbey Knox On August 29 science teacher

Dr. Frank Gluhm walked through the door with science book in hand and dissections on the mind.

Gluhm, returning to Can-

terbury after four years of Vet- erinary Practice, uses dissections and stories of his real life expe- riences for a hands-on approach to Anatomy and Physiology.

“Doing something on the com- puter and in the book is com- pletely different than touching something - handling it... You can’t learn how to do things without actually doing it.” Gluhm’s interactive teaching style allows students to get a bet- ter understanding of what they are learning in the book. Gluhm often tells stories of his past, working as a veterinarian that relate to what his students are currently learning in class.

“Teachers have to be story tellers; if it’s so stoic and matter- of-fact, you kind of lose inter- est,” says Gluhm. Though this is his first year back since several years ago, last year while 8 grade science teacher, Mrs. Summit was on maternity leave Gluhm became a substitute for the second se- mester. “[He’s an] interesting man, when he walked in the room you had a magical feeling. He cracked a joke and everyone

laughed and liked him,” says ninth grader Andrew Doxy, his former student from last year. When back at Canterbury, Gluhm was able to recognize a few students of his past. He knew all of the freshmen from last year and there were many familiar faces in the senior class, whom he had taught when they were his 6th grade science stu- dents.

(Costume Design), Savannah Bonnette (Costume Design), Jessica Torricelli (Cos- tume Design), Chris Maddox and Xylo Smith (Duet Acting), Gabriela Pickett, Kyle Tague, and Anastasia Snetkova (Ensemble Acting), Samantha Dalesio and Kate Lewis (Duet Acting), and Amy Alexander and Talia Moorey (Duet Acting). “They were well rehearsed and

well prepared and performed very well,” said Drama Teacher and Director Jamie Hutteman.

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