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Live, Laugh, Labs

Chemistry teacher Athens enlightens students with labs

by Auburn Skubic

As students entered the dark chemistry lab, liquid chemicals and salts waited to burn them in an open flame.

Chemistry students

Who: Mrs. Laura Vonier What: Administrative Assistant Fun Fact: She fell off her

boat in the beginning of October.

conducted “Energies of Electrons” on Friday, September 23, 2011 in the third floor chemistry lab during fifth, sixth, and seventh period in order to understand the energy of electrons while looking through a spectroscope. “We remember what

we do a lot more than what we hear,” said Dr. Wendy Athens. That is why labs are mixed in

with the daily lecture to appeal to different learning styles. The lab tied in with the

information given by the chem- istry book and the lecture. It also led into the next chapter of electron


However, labs are just a small part of the chemistry curricu- lum.

Athens joined the

school community after she submitted her resume, received interviews, taught a class, and met the teachers/students of Canterbury.After the process of elimination, Athens was left

Dissection Fun by Abbey Knox

Who: Ms. Mary Gaskins What: Receptionist and

Upper School Administrative Assistant Fun Fact: She loves to bake, but hates to cook.

Dr. Gluhm shows seniors Anastasia Snetkova and Elaine Cornwall the pectoral muscles.

Who: Mr. K. Michael Bush What: Middle School Mathematics FunFact:Heusedtowork

on radios for stealth bombers.

Junior Tommy Quigley examines the organs of his dissection speci- men.

Who: Mrs. Vicki McKinney What: Upper School Mathematics Fun Fact: The first time she

wasinanairplane, shejumped out!

All things consid- ered, Dr. Gluhm thinks this dissec- tion is "purrrr"fect!

Photo by Auburn Skubic

As students learn about alpha and beta decay, Dr.Wendy Athens demonstrates the creative uses of dry ice.

standing and was granted the position as the new chemistry teacher of Canterbury. “Canterbury is fortunate for finding Athens,” said Mr. Craig Phimister.

As a former teacher at

ECS, Athens’ credentials include: experience in the busi- ness world, work in the chem- istry lab, teaching experience of eight years in physics and engi- neering, and a PhD in educa- tional technology. However, juggling her

job as a teacher and the sports that both of her children are involved in proved to be a lot of work. As Athens is a single par- ent, she has to balance both work and family in order to cre- ate a wonderful learning envi- ronment for everyone. “Her professionalism,

her positive energy, and her willingness to bring her creativ- ity into a culture that already exists...we can’t help but benefit from the energy that she brings to Canterbury,” said Phimister.

Re'Vitale"izing Mathematics by Abbie Lewis Mitch Vitale considers himself lucky to

have received his current teaching position. However, from the sounds of his students, the Upper school is the lucky one here.

Math teacher Mitch Vitale came into the

Upper School in lateAugust this year after getting his résumé turned in two days before the deadline, and even though it had only been four weeks, has already gained a large group of fans amongst his students and advisees.

In the classroom, Vitale has many ele-

ments which can assist students with get- ting through the school day. This means, first of all, relieving some stress from the students’ days with a poster called theAnti- Stress kit. “ ..If you’re really stressed. It’s a source of relief.” said Junior Kate Lewis.

Vitale also provides coupons, designed

for students to have the ability to turn their homework in a day late for full credit, along with many jokes tossed around the room. An Ooh! Ahh! button resides next to

the Anti-Stress Kit, for those Ooh- Ahh worthy moments.

While learning, you can expect Vitale's "sidekick" Bertha (a meter stick) to be present. During his advisory, Mr. Vitale and his advisees talk about school, amongst themselves, and even at times, celebrate a birthday.

At home, Vitale and his wife create assorted baked goods to bring to the lucky advisee for their birthday, which can get as elaborate as a hand-crafted cake, represent- ing Chewbacca. "That was fantastic, I def- initely wasn’t expecting it." said Freshman Kelly Fay.

The many quirks the Vitale’s classroom

make all the difference. "My goal in the classroom is...If it's engaging and interest- ing and we laugh, I think that's where learning takes place."

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Photo by Abbey Knox

Mr. Mitch Vitale uses these multiple posters to enhance his students' learning experiences.

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