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My plea to the youth by Angie Meus


It is rather difficult to put into words the many things that I wish to express to today’s generation of young people. However, for the sake of reaching out to whoever is willing to listen-- I will try and though this message may seem clichéd, I deem it pertinent and quite necessary. We are a generation that I consider blessed to have lead- ers such as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Harriet Tubman and currently President Barack Obama to emulate as they have shown us how to turn societal limitations and prejudice

into possibilities.

Even with this wonderful plat- form of success stories, I find myself frustrated when flipping through television channels only to hear the same news as yesterday¬¬- young African American men choosing to take away a life instead of living out the true potential of their own. It is saddening to see young men wearing their pants so low that the brand of their under- wear shows simply because it is clear and quite evident that they are either uneducated about the style's origin or do not care. I witness the promiscuity of young


American women who are oblivi- ous to the fact that they are more

than the creases between their legs and I imagine just how far they could go if they too knew they had talent worth exploring. I often find myself questioning where this resistance toward excelling could come from and I have concluded that it is fear-- fear of accomplish- ing inevitable greatness. This is not the way it should be so, I will con- tinue to refuse to accept failure as the fate of this generation. While the world is filled with people who are content with things remaining in its present state, I, however, am not writing this article as someone wanting to be just another person who criticizes yet does nothing. Instead, I write these

M.E.D.I.A. Girls Foundation hosts “True Beauties” Brunch

words confident that they will pro- voke change. Therefore, it is with a hopeful spirit that I say to the youth that if you grasp nothing more than a phrase from this article under- stand that you are the definition of

success-- regardless of what statis- tics may say. The path to greatness has been paved by our ancestors so please don’t let fear hinder you from the bright future that has always been yours.

Nekia Nichelle and Chundria of Flair TV Productions, who recently launched the M.E.D.I.A. (Motivated. Educated. Dedicated. Individually. Amazing.) Girls Foundation to educate and inspire girls and women through media arts including television, film, journalism and radio. Last Sunday the foun- dation held a True Beauties Brunch, with special guest actress-singer Naturi Naughton. Defender/Kathy Chaney

Chicago Defender • • November 9-15, 2011 23

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