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Looking after your ‘Pride and Joy’

Stephanie Ross visits a specialist classic car restoration and sales company and is carried away by some of the models on display.

Bentley engine detail W Classic Bentley front end

alk into the premises of Tim Milbank’s Pride and Joy Classic Cars business and

you are among a beautiful, polished- to-perfection collection of design and style from the late 40’s to early 80’s: 1950’s Bentley MKV1’s looking grand and distinguished; sporty light- bodied Bentley Specials; a racy red E type 4.2 series 1 1967 Jaguar – all power and curves; a blue/silver 1961 Aston Martin DB4 – sleek, stylish sophistication; and a sedately powerful silver blue 1983 Kyalami Maserati. Tim’s depth of knowledge of the history of these cars (and often their owners) is fascinating and his life- long interest and technical expertise is clear. Just take a look under the bonnet of his own MKV1 and see the care that he has taken in rebuilding the engine with Rolls Royce original parts. This car is a 1949 Standard Steel, made in Crewe, in black and crimson and was originally owned by Major General

Sir Alan Adair, of the Queen’s Household. Following a rather neglected sejour of twenty years in a garage (if a car stands unused then over time the colour dulls, the brakes seize up and the electrics suffer), this car was bought by Tim who painstakingly restored it, adding modern necessities like a high level brake light to improve break light visibility for lorry drivers (the original light sits low) and essential modern front and rear indicator lights to compliment the original semaphor’s which some people just aren’t used to seeing today. The MKV1was the first model that Bentley made in its entirety. Prior to this Bentley would make the chassis and engine and the bodywork would be made according to the clients’ requirements by the coach builder of their choice - such as Mulliners & Co, Park Ward, Hoopers or Freestone & Webb to name a few.

The original position of the gear stick was on the driver’s right – this made it easier for the chauffeur to shimmy across the front left hand seat to open the lady’s door! Rear left for those of you who don’t know - the rear right seat was the gentleman’s side – fitted with a cigar


lighter in the companion set. Comfortable footstools are located below the front seats and shiny chrome picnic tables pull down from the front seat backs displaying mirrors behind. A dial on the steering wheel allows the suspension to be adjusted from soft for motorways to hard for country lanes. The coach built MKV1 next to

Tim’s has been restored and is for sale. The extra features fitted for the original owner are: art deco style veneers in the doors, modesty screens on the passenger windows and height adjusted seats in the front.

Britain is one of the world’s finest car restoration centres as well as thriving classic car associations such as the Bentley Drivers Club. Tim and his family regularly tour through France in their Bentley MKV1, always to a warm welcome: Bentley won much racing success at Le Mans over the 20’s and 30’s. The beautiful red E-Type Jaguar

next to the Bentleys is in for a bit of engine work.

This year sees the 50th anniversary of the E-Type. One of Tim’s long- standing inspiring individuals is Sir William Lyons, Founder of Jaguar. Prior to WW11

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