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Hudson - Litchfield News | November 4, 2011 - 3

The Word Around Town... Letters to our Editor

Some Professions Need to Stay Regulated

Te NH legislature is poised to vote on a bill (HB 446) that will deregulate many professions in New Hampshire. Allied Health Care Professionals which include

Physical Terapists and Respiratory Terapist; Family Mediators, Barbers, Cosmetologist, Estheticians, Structural Integrators, as well as many others, will see their professions stripped of nationally recognized regulatory standards and opened up to an untrained labor pool with no safety oversight. Tis bill was recently opened to the public on August 23 and received widespread and virtually unanimous condemnation from the professionals and the general public in attendance, yet was forced through by Republican/Libertarian sponsors in a 3-2 vote. It now approaches an October 27 hearing in the House. Te negative effects of this bill on our state are many: 14 business schools will face bankruptcy as well as jeopardizing occupational programs at public colleges and universities. Tis will cost jobs in the educational field and impact students’ post-secondary educational opportunities. Professionals in these fields will see their wages plummet and their earning potential stifled by having their jobs and clients usurped by these amateurs. Te state will lose close to $600,000 in revenue at a time when budgets are already in the red. Tis loss in revenue will force legislators to find subsequent funding ... no doubt at the taxpayer’s expense. Te sponsors of this bill say they are working for the public, to protect their right to work and to create jobs. Is it not somewhat ironic that this bill will, in fact, do just the opposite? Tis will not create healthy competition, it will create chaos. Established businesses will suffer due to the market influx of dilettante businesses and may need to reduce their staff in order to stay competitive. Jobs will be lost at a time where America can little afford more people standing in the unemployment line. Most importantly, the public will be placed in

very real danger. Tese professions are regulated here, and in nearly every state, because they work closely and physically with the public utilizing tools, chemicals and techniques that could do serious damage to an individual. Without oversight there is no accountability. A bad dye job from an untrained stylist could scar and blind a person, unclean manicure tools can spread diseases like HPV and AIDS, and improper physical therapy from a health care provider could cause crippling effects. If the public’s only defense is self-regulation whereas they would need to question the experience and training of each person who is giving them their services, then caveat emptor! Also, who would be forthcoming in their lack of training or experience? Let us not forget that besides having to adhere to safely practices and regulations, the oversight boards we have in place also ensure that people unfit to work in these skilled professions due to criminal actions, mental illness, sex offenses, or outright incompetence, are not allowed to endanger the public. Te New Hampshire Board of Barbering, Cosmetology, and Esthetics have figures on the number of business they have closed in order to protect the public for these predators. If we remove the safety net, New Hampshire will become a clearing house for con artists and fly-by- night businesses that are unwelcome anywhere else in the country. Te only protection we will have will be

at the end of a lawsuit, and the bad businesses will have the advantage as they will simply fold, change their name, relocate, and be allowed to open back up in NH again! Are these the types of business we want in New Hampshire?

Tis is not how New Hampshire stimulates business

by throwing out dedicated, skilled professionals and eliminating our public safety net. Tell your representative that you do not support this foolish plan, and to vote in opposition to House Bill 446. For more information please visit www.NewHampshi Sylvia Donah - Hudson

False Advertising has no Place in Politics

We have laws to protect consumers from false claims

made by advertisers. Advertising must be truthful and non-deceptive; advertisers must have evidence to back up their claims; and advertisements cannot be unfair. Trough the years, the Federal Trade Commission has used their authority to impose regulations upon advertisers, and to fine abusers. Tis is why we find pages of disclaimers in small print with items we buy, and listen to long lists of possible side effects of medications advertised on the air. We are protected in numerous ways, from baby cribs to automobiles to debt collectors. Yet, I fail to find any reference to political speech on the Government’s FTC Website. Where are the laws to protect the voters? It’s about time for some courageous Senator or

Representative to file legislation to protect the voting public from the many outrageous and blatantly false statements made by politicians and their spokespersons. If politicians want to voice their opinions, they should state that it is their opinion, and not present these opinions as if they were facts. I’m tired of spending a lot of time searching for the truth!

Denise Crompton - Litchfield

Learning to Walk Again: A Fundraiser to Support Tod O’Donnell’s Comeback

“No Quit,” this is what dad repeats back to us

each and every day. In the beginning just getting the words out were exhausting for him. After waking up from a seven day coma, hooked up to a life support machine, after sustaining a large brain bleed from a fall, he was told by his family that there is no quit in him. He was reminded that he is an O’Donnell and O’Donnell’s never quit. This stuck with him and each day he continues to say to us “No Quit.” The operating doctor told us that Tod was approximately 15 minutes away from death, had they not operated right away. Before waking up doctors were not optimistic on Tod’s recovery, as the bleed was severe and damaged a significant portion of his brain. They explained that after seven days on life support with no response, serious decisions would have to be made on how to proceed. Tod was given his Last Rites by his priest. Nurses and doctors suggested

that we prepare to say goodbye. They were not being pessimistic, just realistic as this was a very long time to be in a coma with no signs of brain activity. On that seventh day we witnessed nothing short of a miracle, as he opened his eyes for the first time. This marked the start of a long and difficult journey towards a second chance at life.

Due to complications from the bleed after his

life saving brain surgery, Tod will have to re-teach his body how to function. This means re-learning how to eat, drink, talk and walk. In the beginning we used a type of Morris code with blinking to communicate with him, as he could not speak or move his body. When his speech improved he spoke to us over his breathing tube. As he got stronger he was taken off of life support and underwent a tracheotomy and a feeding tube was placed into his stomach. Tod was not able to eat or drink any water for the next forty days. As time went on he slowly regained movement in his legs and arms. Just last week he took his first steps as they are re-teaching him how to walk. His progress at Spaulding Boston is off the charts as he continues to defy odds. He has a long road ahead but is willing to meet every obstacle along the way. Tod credits his comeback to God, his doctors and the support from his family and friends.

During the past two and a half months, Tod has been in three separate hospitals located in Nashua, Cambridge and Boston, working towards becoming healthy enough to come home. He will be released from Spaulding Rehabilitation Center in Boston this week. On Friday, November 4, from 8 p.m. to midnight at Mount Pleasant in Lowell, Tod’s friends and family will be holding a fundraiser to help support his comeback. Tod, the well known Lowell native and Hudson resident is hoping to

attend the first hour of the event. Please come out and support the cause. There will be a DJ, raffles, light snacks and a video presentation on Tod’s progress. Tickets or donations can be purchased at the door or on line at http://www.pixelapictura. com/tod-fundraiser.html. Anyone one wishing to learn more about Tod’s comeback can do so by going online at, site name is Tododonnell ( tododonnell). You can create your own password and view photos and progress while also being able to leave Tod a message. Thank you to all who have supported us throughout this difficult time.

O’Donnell Family - Hudson

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